Chatroom History
February 14, 2019 12:00pm - 12:30pm

DrPantz: So how you wanna kick it? (12:00pm)
DJ MEOW: MEOW! (12:01pm)
DrPantz: Meow is down! (12:01pm)
Dial: The crew is back together. Hey kitty and doc! (12:03pm)
DrPantz: /high five brother lovev (12:03pm)
DrPantz: You doing well? (12:03pm)
DJ MEOW: Happy V Day Guys!! (12:03pm)
DrPantz: Happy VD Day indeed ;p (12:03pm)
Dial: Just started snowing again. Damn. (12:04pm)
DrPantz: We are getting that tomorrow supposedly. But today is sunny and beautiful. (12:04pm)
Dial: And Meow is getting dumped on in SF. A wet kitty generally is not a happy one. (12:04pm)
DrPantz: Feels like Spring is on the way kind of day. (12:05pm)
DJ MEOW: It has been non stop rain!! (12:05pm)
Dial: That is when meows turn in to rawwwrrrs! (12:07pm)
Whiskey Dog: ARF! (12:16pm)