Chatroom History
August 5, 2023 4:00pm - 4:32pm

Metaskeptik: Thanks ESBeats for the intro! (4:06pm)
Metaskeptik: Glass Jaw by Chokecherry (4:08pm)
Metaskeptik: Glass Jaw by Chokecherry (4:08pm)
Metaskeptik: Lady by Beck, Bogert, Appice (4:09pm)
Magic Kelvin: Yo! (4:09pm)
Metaskeptik: What's hot Kelvin? (4:12pm)
Metaskeptik: Off The Clock by The Oscillators (4:13pm)
Metaskeptik: All There Is by Bad Religion (4:19pm)
Metaskeptik: Feel Too Good by The Move (4:21pm)
Dial a Shot: Fun to be joining you on your first Sat (4:25pm)
Dial a Shot: Weekend off. Good times. (4:25pm)
Magic Kelvin: good song (4:26pm)
Dial a Shot: You said you get to see shows again. Was Mon night killing your options? (4:27pm)
Metaskeptik: Not completely, but the better shows are Fri-Sat (4:29pm)
Metaskeptik: The Move was a UK band, from the 60's (4:29pm)
Metaskeptik: Pusher Man by Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats (4:31pm)