Rampage Radio
Podcast Episode #71 - Rampage Radio 8/10/14 - w/ the Prophet of Doom-tribute to fallen brethren
August 10, 2014 @ 2:00am


Rampage Radio 8/10/14 - w/ the Prophet of Doom - tribute to fallen brethren Nick Witsok and Marine Sgt Moses Rocha.

"I count myself among them, the fallen brethren. We who glide too high on tenuous wings of desire. Icarus knows our pain. Love is our sun and hope our fragile glue." -(excerpt of 'The Fallen Brethren' by Crowland)

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:04am: Nick Cave by Do You Love Me

2:08am: Lay Your Head Down by Sinead O'Connor

2:12am: Black Iron by Uncreation's Dawn

2:19am: Night's Blood by Dissection

2:26am: Storm Of Damnation/ Hades by Bathory

2:33am: Fornicated Messiah by Archgoat

2:35am: Chaos Domination by Conqueror

2:43am: Necromancy Of The Iron Darkness by Pseudogod

2:45am: 8 Hymn by Wrathprayer

2:51am: Gathered Under The Horns by Urgehal

2:59am: Dismal Dream by Suffocation

3:05am: In Remembrance/Necronemesis by Usurper

3:09am: Ethnic Cleansing by Malevolent Creation

3:12am: Unholy Paragon by Tsjuder

3:19am: Hymne IV by Ulver

3:24am: Ascension Of The Obscure Moon by Black Witchery

3:28am: Ghost Of Death by Beherit

3:33am: Blessed Vulva by Archgoat

3:36am: Vision, Pain & Death by Baptism

3:42am: Graves Of The Archangels by Dead Congregation

3:51am: In Remembrance/Fall From Grace by Morbid Angel

3:56am: The Crown Massacre by Belphegor

4:04am: Coronation Of Our Domain by Malevolent Creation

4:09am: Abominations by Morbid Angel

4:18am: Baphomet Throne Exaltation by Black Witchery

4:18am: Massacre by Bathory

4:22am: Consagracion De Satanas by Morbosidad

4:25am: Source Of Fire by Dead Congregation

4:30am: Visions From The Dark Side by Morbid Angel

4:34am: Emperor Of The Black Abyss by Blasphemy

4:38am: Sentimental Worship by Faust

4:42am: A Craven Winter by Hecate Enthroned

4:49am: The Shadow Knows by Grand Magus

4:56am: Sworn To The Black by Morbid Angel

5:04am: Malevolent Creation by Malevolent Creation

5:08am: Nocturnal Slayer (Demo Version) by Blasphemy

5:12am: In This Painful Life by Baptism

5:21am: Standing At The Ashes Of A Forsaken Kingdom by Dodsferd

5:31am: Whores And Harlots by Acheron

5:37am: Blood Of Sodom by Bahimiron

5:41am: Sunless Dawn by Naglfar

5:46am: Ridden With Disgust by Disfigured

5:48am: Where Cold Winds Blow by Dark Throne

5:56am: Conceived Into Enslavement by Dying Fetus

6:03am: Holocaustic Church Devastation by Black Witchery

6:06am: Poison The Crucifix by Bahimiron

6:10am: The End by Besieged

6:14am: 'Til Death by Obituary

6:18am: Before A Possible Relapse by Ouija

6:24am: Ascent From Ghoulgotha by Katharsis

6:32am: 8 by Maveth

6:36am: Smell The Burning Churches by Nunslaughter

6:39am: Ebolic Regurgitation by Prophecy

6:43am: Thoughts Of Life They Wither Away by Setherial

6:50am: At The Gates by At The Gates

6:56am: Blessed Are The Sick/Leading The Rats by Morbid Angel

7:03am: Asphyxiation (Hands Of God) by Acheron

7:07am: Pure Negativism by Bahimiron

7:12am: Demonic Munitions by Deiphago

7:15am: Rotting Ways by Obituary

7:21am: Killing The Human Mind by Ondskapt

7:25am: Seven Gates Of Hell by Svartthron

7:31am: Shredded Humans by Cannibal Corpse

7:36am: Submit to Death by Grotesque

7:40am: Into Everlasting Fire by Immolation

7:46am: This Castrated World by Impaled Nazarene

7:49am: Sacrifice (BATHORY) by Grave Desecrator

7:53am: In The Name Of A Newborn Tyrant by Perdition Temple

7:58am: A Departure In Solitude by Naglfar

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