Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop: Two Hour Reggae Lunch Break

December 8, 2016
9:54 am

12:01pm: Tapper Zukie in Dub by Tapper Zukie

12:03pm: Mirror Dub by Vibronics

12:06pm: So Jah Say Dub by The Aggrovators

12:13pm: Jah Golden Pen by Sylford Walker

12:14pm: Wake up by Sizzla

12:17pm: Ya Ho by The Viceroys

12:22pm: Resonate by John Brown’s Body

12:26pm: Let Jah Arise by Justin Hinds and the Dominoes

12:31pm: Look a Dis Version by King Tubby

12:39pm: Warrior Sound by Harrison Stanford

12:40pm: Ali Baba by John Holt

12:43pm: Conscious Revolution by Morgan Heritage

12:48pm: Get Out Of The Way by Macka B

12:51pm: Jamaican Boy by Bost and Bim

12:56pm: Wobble weeble by Dubmatix

1:01pm: North Circlular Dub by King Tubby

1:07pm: I Know Dub by Sly and Robbie feat Brinsley Forde

1:12pm: I Wish You Were Here by Alpha Blondy

1:16pm: Hustler by Ky-Mani Marley

1:20pm: Still Blazing by Alborosie

1:24pm: Black Roses by Barrington Levy

1:27pm: Blind To You by Collie Buddz

1:31pm: When Mi Rise It by Lulan Fyah

1:35pm: Superior by Gentleman

1:41pm: Call Pon Dem by Chezidek

1:44pm: Here Comes trouble by Chronixx

1:48pm: Ganja Smuggling by Eek A Mouse

1:52pm: Hail King Salassie by Capleton feat Luciano

1:57pm: everybody knows about my good thang by rolling stone


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Pressure Drop: Two Hour Reggae/Dub show on a rainy Wednesday afternoon

December 1, 2016
11:09 am


12:00pm: Loser by Derrick Harriott

12:02pm: Westbound Train by Dennis Brown

12:05pm: Baby I Love You So by Jacob Miller

12:07pm: Why Oh Why Version by Ernest Wilson and S Dimension

12:12pm: Dynamite by New Town Kings

12:16pm: One by Jazzsteppa

12:21pm: Dread Natty Congo by Sister Carol

12:25pm: World A Music by Ini Kamoze

12:32pm: Dr Who? by Doctor Pablo and the Dub Syndicate

12:37pm: Up Wareiika Hill by Augustus Pablo

12:40pm: Doors of your Heart by English Beat

12:44pm: Shotta by No-Maddz

12:51pm: Nothing More To Say by Frightnrs

12:55pm: Imaginary People by Resonators

12:59pm: Eternal Day by Sylford Walker

1:06pm: Five Man Army by Dillinger

1:13pm: Warning by Luciano

1:17pm: You’re Wondering Now by Amy Winehouse

1:19pm: Youth Dem Cold by Richie Spice

1:25pm: Cool Breeze by Big Youth

1:28pm: Money, Money by Linval Johnson

1:30pm: Everything by Alborosie

1:34pm: Take 5 by The Blue Hornets

1:38pm: Hip Hop Part One by Dub FX feat Chunky

1:45pm: Sun is Shining by Bob Marley

1:50pm: The Stampede by Aggrolites

1:53pm: Confusion by Black Roots

1:56pm: Sciamu a ballare by Sud Sound System


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Pressure Drop 11/9: First some nice soothing Reggae, then some Angry and Loud.

November 10, 2016
11:28 am


12:01pm: Money Is Not Our God by Killing Joke

12:05pm: Ragga Dub by Angelo Moore feat Bad Brains

12:10pm: Armagiddeon Time by Dr Israel

12:14pm: Roots and Culture by Mikey Dread

12:23pm: Cheated by The Slackers

12:27pm: Racist Friend by The Specials

12:31pm: Downpressor Man by Peter Tosh

12:37pm: Kingston Be Wise by Protoje

12:42pm: Who Knows by SHY FX feat Chronixx, Protoje

12:46pm: Strolling by Alborosie feat Protoje

12:49pm: Rasta Should Be Deeper by Junior Kelly

12:53pm: Welcome the King by Exco Levi

12:57pm: Tenement Yard by Jacob Miller

1:00pm: Can’t Cool by Alborosie

1:03pm: The New World by X

1:08pm: Holiday in Cambodia by Dead Kennedys

1:08pm: I Dont Care about you by fear

1:13pm: Bring the Noise by Public Enemy feat Anthrax

1:17pm: Disorder by Ice-T feat Slayer

1:21pm: John Wayne Was A Nazi by MDC

1:23pm: Smash it Up by The Damned

1:26pm: Wild in the Streets by Circle Jerks

1:28pm: Code Blue by TSOL

1:31pm: Rise Above by Black Flag

1:33pm: Beers Steers and Queers by Revolting Cocks

1:38pm: Thieves by Ministry

1:43pm: Painkiller by Judas Priest

1:49pm: Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden

1:53pm: My War by Black Flag

1:57pm: Mother by Danzig


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Pressure Drop: Reggae Lunch Hour then some Rock N Roll Goodness

November 3, 2016
9:37 am


12:00pm: The Gold by John Brown’s Body

12:04pm: Money in my Pocket by Dennis Brown

12:08pm: Break Us Apart by Stephen Marley feat Capelton

12:12pm: No Cocaine by Alborosie

12:17pm: Spoonji Reggae by Black Uhuru

12:22pm: Wickedness Must End by Al Campbell

12:25pm: judgement on the land by Johnny Clarke

12:29pm: Concrete Jungle by frankie paul

12:35pm: 54-46 Was My Number by Toots and the Maytals

12:38pm: Bad Mind by Ras Sherby

12:41pm: Sex Violence and Drugs by Rasites

12:45pm: Million Miles by Hugh Mundell

12:50pm: I Love King Salassie by Black Uhuru

12:55pm: Slave Driver by Dennis Brown

12:58pm: Perilous Times by Mystic Eyes

1:01pm: Hand Clapping Song by The Meters

1:04pm: Freya by The Sword

1:09pm: The First Vietnam War by The Black Angels

1:12pm: Earthen Gate by Fuzz

1:17pm: I’ll Be Around by The Growlers

1:21pm: Wildflower by Jacuzzi Boys

1:24pm: Norse Truth by Against Me

1:27pm: Alarms by Goat

1:30pm: Shake The Boot by Bob Log III

1:32pm: Gonnawanna by Deep Vally

1:36pm: Flight of the Ancients by The Shaolin Afronauts

1:42pm: Vad Hande Med Dem? by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

1:46pm: Eli by Bosnian Rainbows

1:51pm: Darlin by Low Cut Connie

1:54pm: Electric Machine by Acid King


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Pressure Drop: Your Reggae Lunch Break followed by an hour of new and classic alt rock

October 27, 2016
11:56 am


12:01pm: Occupation Dub by Dr Israel

12:05pm: Deliver Me From My Enemies by Yabby You

12:07pm: Crying Game by Pablo Gad

12:11pm: Calypso Blues by Calypso Rose

12:16pm: I and I Survive by Bad Brains

12:21pm: I’m Still In Love by Alton Ellis

12:26pm: Good Over Evil by Ziggi Recado

12:29pm: Independent Manby Creation Rebel

12:36pm: Why Should I by Richie Spice

12:40pm: Fame and Fortune by Chezidek

12:44pm: Love Me Forever by Carlton and the Shoes

12:47pm: Bumpy’s Lament by Richie Phoe

12:51pm: Great Wall by Sly and Robbie

12:55pm: Jah Shall Reign Dub by Jah Shaka feat The Twinkle Brothers

1:00pm: Deathwish by L7

1:04pm: At The Edge by Stiff Little Fingers

1:07pm: Drive Your Car by LA Witch

1:11pm: 250 Miles by Radio Moscow

1:16pm: Hate To See You Go by Rolling Stones

1:19pm: Hair by The Cowsills

1:23pm: Oblivion by Grimes

1:27pm: Are You Lost In The World Like Me by Moby

1:32pm: Don’t Let Go by Warpaint

1:36pm: Headscrews by Mr Dero & KlumzyTung

1:40pm: She Got Me by Masters of Reality

1:43pm: Fire Bird by MIYAVI

1:47pm: Alone by Pretenders

1:51pm: Aca Toro by Punkreas

1:54pm: Seventeen by Jacuzzi Boys

1:58pm: Quarter Roy by Tijuana Panthers


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Pressure Drop: Reggae Lunch first hour, new(ish) rock n roll in the second

October 21, 2016
11:36 am


12:01pm: Judgement Dub by Tappa Zukie

12:03pm: Tonight by Soul Syndicate

12:06pm: Kunta Kinte Dub by The Revolutionaries

12:10pm: Never Played a 45 by Macka B

12:15pm: Selah by Morgan Heritage

12:19pm: All My Tears by The Frightnrs

12:23pm: Prophesy Reveal by Culture feat Joseoh Hill

12:27pm: Jah Do That by Prince Far I

12:32pm: Food Security by Gregory Isaacs

12:39pm: Blood Gonna Run by Linval Johnson

12:42pm: Don’t Follow Babylon by Ranking Joe

12:46pm: Earth’s Rightful Ruler by Scientist

12:50pm: Live Trap (aka Death Trap) by Tommy McCook feat Yabby You

12:56pm: Juvenile Delinquent by Black Roots

1:00pm: I’m Bad Like Jesse James by John Lee Hooker

1:05pm: Ja, Ja, ja by la lupita

1:08pm: Spanish Bombs by Tijuana No!

1:11pm: Guns of Brixton by Chicha Libre

1:15pm: I’m With Her by La Tigre

1:20pm: Lu Sule, Lu Mare, Lu Jentu by Apres la classe

1:24pm: If I Could Only Be Sure by Nolan Porter

1:27pm: 60 Feet Tall by The Dead Weather

1:33pm: Blood, Sweat and Murder by Scott H. Biram

1:36pm: California Babylon by Transplants

1:41pm: Bad Reputation by Bass Drum Of Death

1:44pm: I Get Nervous by Lost Souls

1:49pm: War 4 Peace by Diego Benillure

1:52pm: Soweto by Tijuana No!

1:57pm: Kill My Baby by Nick Curran and the Lowlifes


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Pressure Drop: Your Reggae Lunch Break Followed By Some Rock n Roll Randomness

October 5, 2016
7:56 pm



Today’s Reggae Lunch Break with new music by Sly and Robbie, Sizzla, Lee Scratch Perry, Gregory Isaacs and more then for the second hour a rock n roll show with some random goodness.

12:01pm: Yuh Afi Give Fi Get by Burning Babylon

12:04pm: I Story Dub by Victor Rice & Rocker T

12:07pm: Fade Away by Junior Byles

12:09pm: No Longer by Gregory Isaacs

12:16pm: Got what it Takes by Sizzla

12:21pm: Rise Up by The Skints feat Party B

12:24pm: Dream by Marlon Asher feat Raycon

12:27pm: Money in my Pocket by Sly and Robbie

12:31pm: Sugar Boy by Alborosie

12:35pm: Shaka Version by Twilight Circus Dub Sound System

12:38pm: Light it Up by Morgan Heritage

12:42pm: The International Herb by Culture

12:46pm: We Can by Kranium feat Tony Lanez

12:49pm: D’Sunne schiint by Cali P feat Phenomden

12:54pm: Modern Day Judas by Jessie Royal

12:57pm: Blaze by Junior Kelly

1:02pm: Calabria by Enur feat Natasja


1:13pm: Wolf Like Me by Local H

1:18pm: Here It Comes Again by The Amazing Snakeheads

1:22pm: Got This Rage by Honkeyfinger

1:25pm: Lost My Mind by Left Lane Cruiser

1:28pm: Make It Right by Coathangers

1:31pm: Over The Edge by Wipers

1:36pm: Fretless 1 -demo by REM

1:41pm: Paris by Apres la classe

1:45pm: Va Bene by 99 Posse

1:48pm: Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow by Frank Zappa

1:51pm: Levi Stubbs’ Tears by Billy Bragg

1:55pm: High by the Beach by Lana Del Rey


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Pressure Drop: Roots Reggae Lunch Hour then some new and classic alt rock

September 22, 2016
10:57 am



Reggae Lunch Break for the first hour, then new music from The Pretenders, MIA, The Skatalites, Bob Log III and some Die Antwoord because DIE ANTWOORD!

12:00pm: I’m Still In Love With You by Marcia Aitken

12:03pm: Togetherness by I Roy

12:06pm: King Tubby Meets The Rockers by Augustus Pablo

12:09pm: Chase The Devil by Max Romeo

12:13pm: Stand for Something by Keida

12:17pm: Reggae Calling by Exco Levi

12:21pm: Carpenter by Gappy Ranks

12:24pm: Better Days by Marla Brown

12:29pm: Consider Me by The Skatalites

12:32pm: Dandimite Ska by Dr Ring Ding & The Senior All Stars

12:35pm: Call 809 by Dr Ring Ding & The Senior All Stars

12:39pm: Reefer Madness by UB40

12:45pm: Selassie Souljahz by Chronixx feat Sizzla

12:49pm: Everyday of the Week by Jah Sun

12:52pm: Jah Protection by Alpha and Omega

12:55pm: My People Rise by Luciano, Fantan Mojah

1:00pm: AMP (All My People) by MIA

1:04pm: Let It All Go by Beats Antique, Preservation Hall Jazz Band

1:07pm: Do That Thing You Think You Do by Bob Log III

1:11pm: Dark Hair’d Rider by Heavy Trash

1:14pm: Going Back To Memphis by Soledad Brothers

1:18pm: Chem Farmer by Thee Oh Sees

1:22pm: Catamaran by Allah-las

1:25pm: Holy Commotion by Pretenders

1:32pm: Kiss Me Deadly by Generation X

1:37pm: Bored Teenagers by The Adverts

1:38pm: Beat Surrender by The Jam

1:42pm: Bottle of Smoke by The Pogues

1:46pm: Drunken Sailor by Blaggards

1:49pm: Ugly Boy by Die Antwoord

1:52pm: Harem in Tuscany by Gogol Bordello

1:55pm: Estoy Harto De Verte Con Otros by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs



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Pressure Drop: Your Reggae Lunch Break for an hour then new alt rock and more!

September 14, 2016
8:17 pm


Today on the Pressure Drop show first your Reggae Lunch Break, then for the second hour new music from The Pixies, MIA, Detroit Cobras, Madness and more!


12:00pm: Declaration of Rights by Johnny Clarke

12:03pm: Funky Kingston by Toots and the Maytals

12:07pm: Strolling by Alborosie feat. Protoje

12:11pm: Don’t Stay Away by Sura Lugo feat Joseph Cotton

12:16pm: Alpha and Omega by Chronixx

12:20pm: Sound the Alarm by Randy Valentine feat Lionheart

12:24pm: When the Youths Cry by Ziggi Recado

12:29pm: Mad Up Di Place by Jah Sun

12:32pm: Hailing up the Selector by Zion Train

12:37pm: Hail H.I.M. by Macka B

12:41pm: Wheat and Tears by Jah Mason

12:44pm: The Way of Life by Big Youth

12:48pm: Freedom Fighters by Alpha and Omega

12:52pm: Fever by Junior Byles

12:55pm: Exit Music (for a dub) by Easy Star All Stars

12:59pm: This is Radio Clash by The Clash

1:04pm: Jukebox Babe by Alan Vega

1:08pm: Right Around the Corner by The Detroit Cobras

1:11pm: Um Chagga Lagga by The Pixies

1:14pm: I Am The Man Thomas by The Devil Makes Three

1:17pm: Wow by Beck

1:21pm: Borders by MIA

1:25pm: Mr Apples by Madness

1:29pm: Haunting, Haunted, Haunts by Against Me

1:32pm: Man Behind The Curtain by Valiant Thorr

1:36pm: Rio by Low Cut Connie

1:40pm: Keep It Heavy by Creme Soda

1:43pm: Born Feral by New Model Army

1:50pm: Nena Vie by Atomirotta

1:53pm: L’Homme Presse by Noir Desir

1:57pm: Peligro (live) by Manu Chao

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Pressure Drop Sept 7: Hour One: Reggae Lunch / Hour Two: New and classic alt rock

September 7, 2016
4:43 pm




12:00pm: Uptown Top Ranking by Althea and Donna

12:04pm: Jungle Buss Me by Demolition Man

12:07pm: Skylarking by Horace Andy

12:10pm: Ganja Smuggling by Eek A Mouse

12:16pm: De-Stress (live) by Rebelution

12:20pm: illusione by Alborosie

12:24pm: Fake Paradise by Dub FX

12:29pm: Funky Fire by The Aggrolites

12:34pm: World A Reggae Music by Anthony B

12:38pm: That Day Will Come by Capleton

12:42pm: Cool and Calm by Israel Vibration

12:46pm: Hail H.I.M. by Burning Spear

12:50pm: Black Roses by Barrington Levy

12:54pm: Gotta Find A Way by Frightnrs

12:58pm: Injustice by Busy Signal feat Tebby


1:01pm: Mallrats (La La La) by The Orwells

1:04pm: Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers by Joanna Gruesome

1:06pm: Ozma by Shannon and the Clams

1:10pm: Commandment 5 by Slim Cessna’s Auto Club

1:15pm: Jesus Alone by Nick Cave and the Bad Sees

1:21pm: Eyes Get Used To The Darkness by New Model Army

1:26pm: Nothing Left To Lose by The Wipers

1:30pm: There is an end by The Greenhornes

1:36pm: We Have Candy by Die Antword

1:39pm: Aint it a Sin by Charles Bradley

1:42pm: Too Many Chiefs by Brant Bjork

1:46pm: Quarter Roy by Tijuana Panthers

1:49pm: Little boy Preacher by Blues Pills

1:52pm: Telegram Sam by Bauhaus

1:54pm: Dance This Mess Around by The B-52s


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