iPhone Users: Search the App Store for “Radio Valencia” and try our app! It makes streaming easy, lets you chat with other listeners, and more!
Android Users: Our Android app is coming soon! In the meanntime you can use TuneIn from Google Play and search for “Radio Valencia.”

We at Radio Valencia are very gizmo friendly and you can hear us on gizmos of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can use our snazzy iPhone App.

If you’re using Android, you can use the beta of our new Android App. It should be live in the app store within a week or so (as of 5/7/20). Or if all else fails you can download Tune-In from the Play Store and look for us there.

If you’re on a regular computer, its probably easiest to use the player on the right side of the screen. Or you can use our popup player, which will keep playing even if you browse to another page.

Or you can use your computer’s default player by clicking either of these:

If you’re using an Amazon Alexa powered spying device, you can yell “Alexa!!! Play Radio Valencia from TuneIn!” and be surprised that that thing can actually do something useful. If you have a Google Home, you can say “Hey Google, play Radio Valencia.” Or alternatively you can say “Hey Google, why can’t you ever come up with anything original anymore?”

Let us know any feedback or if you have any problems hearing us. Also let us know about any skips, pops, errors, other sound issues, and how you were listening.