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Android Users: Download TuneIn from Google Play and search for “Radio Valencia.”

If you’re on a regular computer (as opposed to a phone or whatever), its probably easiest to use our popup player. That will open a new window.

Or you can use your computer’s default player by clicking these links:

If that doesn’t work, try one of the following:

  • Main stream: PLS format (Click to open. If the .pls file downloads automatically, open that file. May not work in iTunes.)
  • Backup stream: PLS format
  • Grand unification stream: PLS format  M3U format (this is a version that has both the main server and the backup server)
  • Bare-nekkid stream link (might open in your browser, depending on your own computer’s settings)
  • “Brute force” method (works 95% of the time):
    1. in iTunes, go to Advanced -> Open Audio Stream; in Winamp, hit ctrl-L
    2. paste in the following text:
    3. or paste in the backup stream:

We’re working out the kinks, and you can help! Please email us letting us know if you had any problems accessing the stream. Also let us know if there were any skips, pops, errors, other sound issues, and what type of software you’re using.