Audio Atlas Soundsystem with DJ Paulitics episode 2

Sunday, November 27, 1am

About the time when Anita Baker plays on the bus from the boombox of a street soldier to keep you charged… . Trying to learn your boombastic shoes and strides … Sharing the time when yiu can’t get old…sit me in town like Guadalajara… division never was the healer of truth like infinite manifestations of being cured not conquered.. . We’re streaming, not dreaming… lock in!.. or listen on your tunein app… Audio Atlas Sound-system with DJ Paulitics broadcasting from a rainy San Francisco early morning in the heart of the Mission…. We got some boomin’ dancehall, Brazilian funky bass, and chutney sounds…. then we got some Indonesian Gamelan before I throw on some hypnotic Cambodian CD’s I bought from Phnom Phenh… Than I got some scary Russian mob music I receved from a former mafia cabbie.. I’ll throw on some Colombian LP’S I bought from Cartagena before we pay tribute to M. Balamurali who died yesterday at the age of 86…. So grab a mojito and get close to your mijas and mijos!!! Have a crime-free seasons greetings!

Audio Atlas Sound-System Episode 2
With DJ Paulitics


1. “Windeck”- Cabo Snoop (3:30) 12:00-12:03:30
2. “Ladjum”- Costuleta (3:00) 12:03:30- 12:06:30
3. “BumBum Granada” – MC’s Zaac & Jerry (3:07) 12:06:30-12:10
4. “Carimbo”- Sylo G (Brazilian Bubble Riddim) (2:25) 12:10-12:12:25
5. Talk over Brazilian Bubble Riddim Instrumental (2:49) 12:12:25-12:15
6. (switch over to soundcloud) “Up in her Belly”- Busy Signal Magadalena riddim (4:54) 12:15-12:20
7. (Soundcloud) “Tic Toc”- Salty (1:13) 12:20-12:22
8. “Girl like you”- Woyne Wonder/Konshens (2:50) 12:22:50-12:24
9. “Tease Me”- Chaka Demus & Pliers (4:06) 12:24-12:29
10. (youtube) “Pretty Little Angel”- Simpleton (3:55) 12:29-12:34
11. “Jump (raw)”- RDX (4:42) 12:34-12:39
12. “Chrome Wine”-RDX 3:28 12:39-12:43
13. “Chrome Wine Intrumental talk-over about back announcing and Guyuna Chutney (3:30) 12:43-12:48
14. “Don’t fall in love”-Sundar Popo (3:01) 12:48-12:51
15. “Calcutta Woman”- Sharlene Boodram (4:44) 12:51-12:56
16. “Chamke Re (Real Tight Riddim)” King Raj and the Supertones Band (3:41) 12:56-1:00
17. “Gara Gara Cinta”- Gamelan Degung (7:37) 1:00-1:07:37
18. “Puspa Warna/Minta Jiwa” Gamelan of Java (14:00) 1:08-1:23
19. CD One: Cambodian CD from Phnom Phenm (6:28) 1:23-1:30
20. CD two: Cambodian CD from Phnom Phenm (3:19) 1:30-1:33:19
21. CD One: Russian CD I got from taxi with old mob ties (4:13) 1:33:19-1:33:34 [URL=…/me…/audioaltalssod2/c3.jpg.html][IMG]…/audioaltals…/c3.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
22. “El Borracho”- Estudiantina Peru, Francizco Leyth Navarro (3:49) 1:33:34-1:37
23. “Un Diaro de un Borracho”- Aniceto Molina (4:26) 1:37-1:41:26
24. “Ay Amor Cuando Hablan Las Miradas”- “Guayacan Orquesta”- (4:17) 1:41:26-1:45:45
25. Record: “Por que te Marchaste”- Vallenato (4:00) 1:45-1:50
26. “Paluke Bagarmaye Ananda Bhairavi”- M. Balamurakrishna (10:08) 1:50-2amc2




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