Audio Atlas Soundsystem.. Episode 3!

Friday, December 2, 4am

It’s cold out there, San Francisco!!… buurr!… Get close to your mija or your mijo and settle in with Audio Atlas Soundsystem with DJ Paulitics…. We’re playing all music not from the hit musical “Hamiltion”…including the latest from France, Jamaica, Turkey, and Taiwan…. and the African Diaspora!



1. “Yo Samjhine Maan Chha”- Narayan Gopal
2. “Krishna Prahat Pal Probha”- Jagjit Singh
3. “Muraliya Baje Jamma Re Teer”- Chitra Singh
4. “Save Yourself”- Jah Cure
5. “Angola”- Jah Bouks
6. “African Skies”- Luciano
7. “Lover’s Holiday”- Everton Blender
8. “O Girl”- Winston Reedy
9. “The Real Thing”- Bitty McLean
10. “Angola”- Ceseria Evora
11. “Unfamiliar”- Common, PJ
12. “Tell me a Bedtime Story”- The Robert Glasper Experiece
13. “Dis Generation”- A Tribe Called Quest
14. “Tzita”- Madingo Afework
15. “Ewedihalehu”- Aster Aweke
16. “Gnoumantenebolo”- Les Succes du Wasolo
17. “Tchoin”- Kaaris
18. “Les Temps Beni des Colonies”- Dosseh
19. “Bulutlara Esir Olduk”- Oguzhan Koc
20. “Yalnizlik”- Orhan Gencebay
21. “Hej Zoro Ne Svani”- Halid Beslic
22. Taiwanese super top hit!
23. “Otemoyan”- Eri Chiemi
24. “Disco Azucar”- Orquesta Los Van Van

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