Audio Atlas Sound-System with DJ Paulitics aka DJ Sea Drone Aka DJ Snooze Cruise (Episode 6)

Wednesday, December 21, 10pm

Were starting off this week with some strange Christmas music from Trinidad and the Arab World and then delve into hypnotic sounds of the Mongols before we see what they are doing in Vladimir’s Russia… We got some fresh French Hip-hop and some new and raw Jamaican Dancehall and roots… and some other global oddities…. Goes great with a Hot Toddy!


  1. Bindley B- “Santa Looking for a Wife” (Trinidadian Soca)
  2. Trinity Team- “Baba Nweel” (Arabic Christmas Song)
  3. The Avalanches feat. Danny Brown and MF Doom- “Frankie Sinatra” (Trinidadian calypso sample of the song “Bobby Sox Idol” by artist Wilmoth Houdini)
  4. Bronze Sambe- “Believe in yourself” (Bed Music) (Japan)
  5. Yat-Kha- “öpei khoomei” (Mongolia)
  6. Altan Urag- “Mother Mongolia” (Mongolia)
  7. Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo- “Saryglarlar Maidens” (Mongolia)
  8. Huun-Huur-Tu- “Eshten Charlyyry Berge” (Mongolia)
  9. Sainkho- “From Me to You” (Mongolia)
  10. Tatarka- “Altyn” (Russian Trap)
  11. Sedaa- “Mongol Nutag” (Mongolia)
  12. Egschiglen- “Hartai Sarlag” (Mongolia)
  13. Danil Varaksin- “Tatarstan Super-Good” (Tatarstan)
  14. Непара- “Не плачь” (Russia)
  15. Тимати, DJ Daveed, DJ Philchansky – “Рэп” (Russia)
  16. Филипп Киркоров- “Химера” (Russia)
  17. Игорь Тальков- “Чистые пруды” Russia)
  18. Luan Santana- “Eu, Você, O Mar e Ela” (Brazil)
  19. Marília Mendonça- “Infiel Ao Vivo” (Brazil)
  20. Hector Acosta “El Torito”- O Te Vas o Me Voy” (Dominican Republic)
  21. Nekfeu, Sneazzy, S.Pri Noir- “Saturne” (France)
  22. MHD- “A Kele Nta” (France)
  23. Babylawd- “Sii Dung” (Jamaica)
  24. Masicka- “Top Striker” (Jamaica)
  25. Chronixx- “Here Comes Trouble” (Jamaica)
  26. Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley- “Patience” (Jamaica/U.K. with sample of Amadou & Mariam’s “Sabali” of Mali)
  27. Sylvie Davison, Barby Karamel- “Sex Intention” (French Antilles Zouk)
  28. Lylah, Elji Beatzkilla- “Players” (French Antilles Zouk)
  29. Radiohead- “Decks Dark” (U.K.)
  30. Giles, Cripplegate: Cambridge Surprise Maximus by Traditional, Bell Ringing Teams (U.K.)

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