Audio Atlas Soundsystem with DJ Paulitics aka DJ Snake Farm- Root Beer and Rastafarianism.. Something to your hat on

Thursday, January 19, 7pm


Walk down to the corner shop right now and buy a root beer and then enjoy it’s smoothly rich and complex flavors…. Root beer still tastes the same as you remember it… It’s an old trusted friend and something to hang your hat on… It’s been through the rigors life without becoming boostful or self-important unless you prompt it by unleashing it’s riotous and righteous flavors on your rejoicing buds…even while staying humble and wise… Is that “Smooth Operator” on the radio? Turn it down? But for what? Put on your ankle bells and jump far… Fall far and then fall farther and further in love. I love my country but I want to see new people… Know my name, Gentle Rasta. …. P.S.-that ass tho

  1. Lambhi Judai by Naseebo Lal & Dj Chino, Pakistani Sad Songs (Pakistan)
  2. Aaj Ibaadat by Javed Bashir, Shadab Faridi, Altamash Faridi, Shashi Suman, Shreyas Puranik (India)
  3. Challa Mera Ji Dhola by Atta Ullah Khan Esakhelvi, DJ Chino (India)
  4. Singh Naal Jodi by Sukshinder Shinda, Diljit Dosanjh (India)
  5. Doña Amidi by Grupo Kazzabe (Belize)
  6. La Vieja Y Su Pipa by Agapito Pascual (Belize)
  7. La Chiflera by Fefita La Grande (Belize)
  8. Loco De Amor by Luis Vargas (Dominican Republic)
  9. Amorcito Enfermito by Hector Acosta “El Torito” (Dominican Republic)
  10. And I Love Her (Mi Gran Amor Le Di) by Jose Alberto (Dominican Republic)
  11. Yo quisiera amarla by Aventura (Dominican Republic)
  12. Sign Your Name by Terence Trent D’Arby (U.S.)
  13. Don’t Break My Heart by UB40 (U.K.)
  14. You Bring Me Joy by Luciano (Jamaica)
  15. Rasta Should Be Deeper by Junior Kelly (Jamaica)
  16. Dem Bow by Shabba Ranks (Jamaica)
  17. Bam Bam by Chaka Demus & Pliers (Jamaica)
  18. Saye Mogo Bana by Issa Bagayogo (Senagal)
  19. Me Love My Fatty by Stylex (Jamaica)
  20. Mamurogawa Boogie by Hayashi Isao (Japan)
  21. Otome 19 by Futaba Akiko (Japan)
  22. Tone no Funauta by Matsudaira Akira (Japan)
  23. Nova Godina Kuca Na Vratima by Nervozni Postar (Bosnia)
  24. Krntija by Nervozni Postar (Bosnia)
  25. Pamtim jos by Hanka Paldum (Bosnia)
  26. Lal lal honthon pe by Naajayaz (India)

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