Domestic llama Days of joy and unvarnished Belief with DJ Paulitics on Audio Atlas!

Friday, August 4, 3am

We at Radio Valencia present Audio Atlas Sound-system with the derelict Mogadishu Mike, the bottle of legal rights, Mr. Truth, Ancient Whore, and the Salami and Sake of the party you know as DJ Paulitics…. Have Heavy journeys of universal prayer. Lose your disbelief in an urge to disbelieve how we bring you the Zimbabwean orgasm of hypnotism which leads to frenetic and spastic West African crucial flame… You also are blessed with the Maltese delight of Malta’s corner shops and the latest in Brazilian Baile Funk, which gaining a foot-old finally here in the City of St. Francis thank to BRAZA… Take in the Funky do Brasil before delving into onr-drop contentment Snapcaht or google them on the twitter and share with a fried… Nobody what they do, they can’t take my crown. Ravers always win the ground wars, but dancing is permanent.



1. Second hand by Devera Ngwena Jazz Band
2. Hope iyi by Simon Chimbetu, Orch Dendera Kings
3. Munonditaura by Pengaudzoke
4. Petit pompier by Magic System
5. Potcho Potcho by Kedjevara
6. Akrakabo by Serge Beynaud
7. Décalé Gouindé by Mix Premier
8. Maplorly by TV3, Arafat Dj
9. Sua Amiga Vou Pegar by MC WM, Mc Lan
10. Aquecimento das Potrancas by MC’s Jhowzinho e Kadinho, MC WM
11. A Guitarra Humana a Pisadinha by Vesgol, Boca de Guitarra
12. Touro by Johnny Hooker
13. Goggle by Tanya Stephens
14. Put your hands where my eyes can see by Busta Rhymes
15. Wild Thought’s like you loco crazy!!!!
16. Mit den Jungz by 187 Strassenbande, Gzuz, Bonez MC, LX
17. In My Living Room by AronChupa, Little Sis Nora
18. 1992 by Sakis Rouvas
19. Ti Imouna Gia Sena by Antonis Remos
20. Psychologika by Vasilis Karras
21. Thelo Na Po Ton Pono Mou by Stélios Kazantzídis
22. Home & Away by Norrisman
23. Lion in the Jungle by Jah Cure
24. Crazy Love by Turbulence
25. Pack up and Gwaan by Khago
26. 夢の中で by Cornelius
27. Optimista by Caloncho
28. Vagabundos de otro mundo by Adan Jodorowsky, León Larregui
29. Dulce Vino by Jona Camacho

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