Radish Pepper and Liberian Decorations Day on Audio Atlas Sound-System w/ DJ Paulitics!

Wednesday, March 14, 8pm

DJ Paulitics, Mogadishu Mike, and the Ancient Whore know the story of Buzzball Brent and his Tiny Moths of Gideon Featuring Candray Oaks and Ship-Sheema!!.. We are Reminded that when you worry, you suffer twice… So, we unleash the elixir and beefaroni-fueled Space Force to carry on with the rest of your dishes! You’re all a bunch of Stawberry-Heads! 



1. Kongai Music and Story
2. Children’s Counting Song
3. Liberia: From the Dance of the Sessions
4. Xylophone Duet by Peter Giddings
5. I know a Country by Anthony Barclay
6. Ejo by Mr. Henries IV
7. Kalaman by Big J
8. Tu-Ke-Ka-Ya-Tu by Tukun J
9. Meh ta Nah by Gebah & Maudeline
10. Border Girl by Young Fathers
11. Lemon Glow by Beach House
12. Pure Love Dub by Diana Rutherford
11. Fighting for Nothing by Etana
12. Bless my Life by Chezidek, Warrior King
13. World peace by Capleton and Elijah Prophet
14. All I See is War by Sizzla & Junior Kelly
15. Bout Noon by Protoje
16. Raggamuffin by Koffee
17. Revelation by Richie Spice
18. Lift up your Head by Everton Blender
19. Why must i Cry? by Peter Tosh
20. It was the Long Way by Junior Byles
21. Joy in the Morning by Alton Ellis
22. Illico Presto by MC Solaar
23. Lehna by Melaaz
22. Sans Vous by Marwa Loud
23. Five Moons (Feat. Chela) by Damian Lazarus
24. It Makes you Forget (Itgehane) by Peggy Gou
25. Egypt Express by Dr. Dru
26. Pop out by Lil Yachty

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