Since when did crime become illegal? w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

Wednesday, August 1, 2am

Sometimes the snow comes down in June??… what kind of special fruit is that?… August is here and collusion is not a crime!    Catalina warned Santiago that he would go to the tea, but he didn’t tell him he was back. Santi will support her by knowing that her granddaughter is titi’s daughter? ??? #ssshp3

1. Hebat by Gamelan Degung
2. Balenderan by LS Kancana Sari
3. Paksi Tuwung by RRI Bandung Gamelan
4. Colenak by Suara Parahiangan
5. Uluru Lengends by Aboriginal Dideridoo
6. BH by Daniel Aged
7. Apelion by Vinyl Williams
8. The Knife by Ross From Friends
9. Inkolelo by Goldie, James Davi
10. Rosalina by BM
11. I’m Alive by Beres Hammond
12. Expensive Tears by Jah Lil
13. Wake up by Mr. Vegas
14. Second Chance by Lila Ike
15. Need u bad by Jazmine Sullivan
16. Masha-Allah by Monty Sharma
17. Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo
18. Perfect friend by Macho Man Randy Savage
19. Dein Schweiss by Sven Vath
20. Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack
21. Christiansands by Tricky


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