Dental Theory from Taiwan to New Papua New Guinea on your Audio Atlas w/ Paulitucs!

Friday, October 19, 1am

When a morbid discovery led by a Palestinian team of fanatical whale-worshipers turns into a woozy 67-hour trip through Taiwan and Papua New Guinea, you betcha damn guts that you won’t be crying in your cereal no more!

Listen to this program and tell us if you think Carmen knows her great friend, Roberto Manrique. ? Truthful universe give you! Promise!


1. Fishing Dance by Field Musicians
2. Zen Yue Hai by Ensemble Bayin
3. Bu Xiang Yi by Jiang Hui
4. 1990 Taiwan Ren by Chen Wen Cheng
5. A Sweet Girl by Chang Danhong
6. Sad Love by Xie Liting
7. Duo Wei Yanchu Ni Yige by Yisheng Zhi
8. Welcome to the House by Sanguma
9. Lima N Gaile by George Selek
10. Alangoran by Original Instincts
11. Eita Ibilad by Hot Forms Band
12. Faul Pikinini by Gembong Band
13. Anslom na Kete by Anslom Na
14. Section ruma by Cada
15. Sese by Mexem
16. Aquatic Robots by The New Caldonia
17. Never Say Never by Romeo Void
18. Who could resist that face by The Motels
20. Dirt by Revolting Cocks
21. Demon by Lil Wayne
22. Light Day by T.I.
23. Seasons Change by Beres Hammond
24. Land of Sunshine by Beres Hammond
25. Run the Track by Dennis Brown

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