All Hex Broken Loose 6-8pm Thursday

Thursday, December 30, 9pm

We are live’r than you’ll ever be.

Stark Reality – Junkman’s Song (Stark Reality Now LP)

Endless Boogie – Counterfeiter (Admonitions 2021)

Pat Patrick & The Baritone Saxophone Retinue – Sabia (Sound Advice LP 1977)

Psychic Ills – East/Electric Life (Dins LP)

Les Rallizes Denudes – Deeper Than the Night (Double Heads Box)

The Black Seeds – Go Outside in the Rain

Clark – Hutchinson – Acapulco Gold (A=MH2 LP)

Freddie Redd – Theme From Sister Salvation (Music From the Connection LP)

Tabu Ley – Maze Pt. 1 (Maze)

Fitz Gore & The Talisman – Steal Away (Soundmagnificant LP)

Stephen David Heitkotter – I Don’t Mind Pt. 1 (Tickets for Doomsday LP)

Vulcan – In the Moog (Star Trek LP)

Rudiger Lorenz – The Sun of Shangrila

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