ALL HEX BROKEN LOOSE – Tonight 6-8pm

Thursday, December 2, 3pm

We’re on the lookout for anything that moves. Don’t miss it.

Patto – The Man (Patto LP / Vertigo 1970)

Free – Oh I Wept (Fire and Water LP / A&M 1970)

Groundhogs – Cherry Red (Split / 1970)

Fuchsia – Another Nail (Fuchsia S/T)

The Feelies – The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness (Crazy Rhythms 1980)

The Clean – Billy 2 (Boodle Boodle Boodle EP / 1981)

The Velvet Underground – Run Run Run – Live at Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, Ohio LP 1966)

Albert Ayler – Spiritual Rebirth (Live at Greenwich Village)

Endless Boogie – Jim Tully (Admonitions LP 2021)

Kennelmus – I Don’t Know (Folkstone Prism)

Captain Beefheart – China Pig (Trout Mask Replica)

Leo Nocentelli – Going Nowhere (Another Side / Light in the Attic)

Yma Sumac – El Condor Pasa (Miracles 1972 LP)

Sergio Mendes Trio – Berimbau (So Nice)

Dennis Stoner – Maybe Someday / Maybe Never (Dennis Stoner LP / Rare Earth)

David Bowie – Five Years (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust)

Man – And in the Beginning (Revelation 1969)

The Clean – Anything Can Happen

Lee Moses – Day Tripper (How Much Longer Must I Wait Comp)

Piramis – In the Shade of the Sparkling Pyramid (Piramis 1977)

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