Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #057: The Tower of Babel

September 2, 1am


I have a deep interest in languages and cultures. I find the differences between them fascinating. I have explored some of that through music, probably not to a great extent, but I do like a fair amount of non-English speaking music. When considering this show I thought to look into the story of the Tower of Babel.
In summary, it was a unified group of humans, speaking a common tongue, that put concerted effort into building a city that reached to the heavens. Apparently, God thought this was not cool, so He confounded them all and split them into a bunch of languages so that one could understand one another. So, to that end, we have war and distrust all the world over due to lack of understanding, for which God Himself claims ownership. I’m sure that’s not how religious folk see it, but I do find that intriguing.
But that’s not my point here. It’s to expose you to a breath of music using other languages, as well as the art for using babel talk known as Dadaism which appears in several places within the set. Go ahead and give a good listen and hopefully you find something new to explore further.

Set List:
1. Elephant Talk by King Crimson from Discipline (1981)
2. No Ke Ano Ahiahi by Medeski, Martin and Wood from Combustication (1998)
3. Sidi Mansour by Chineka Rimitti from Sidi Mansour (Featuring East Bay Ray and Flea) (1995)
4. Towards the Within by Dead Can Dance from Into the Labyrinth (1993)
5. Soup by Can from Ege Bamyasi (1972)
6. Chik Chikka by Mulatu Astake and the Heliocentrics from Inspiration Information 3 (2009)
7. L’Via L’Viaquez by the Mars Volta from Frances the Mute (2005)
8. Ghost Voice by Dengue Fever from The Deepest Lake (2015)
9. Allas Sak by Dungen from Allas Sak (2015)
10. Abul Hagag by Ozric Tentacles from Afterswish (1991)
11. Greu Martire by Poil from Sus (2019)
12. Spoon by Boris from New Album (2011)
13. Die Eier Von Satan by Tool from AEnima (1996)
14. Den Standiga Resan by Opeth from Watershed (2008)
15. Loco de Amor by David Byrne from Rei Momo (1989)
16. Sambi Pa Ti by Santana from Abraxis (1970)
17. I Zimbra by the Talking Heads from Fear of Music (1979)
18. Sangara by the World Saxaphone Quartet from Four Now (1996)
19. Alea lacta Est by the Nubdug Ensemble from Vol. 1: The Machines of Zeno (2020)
20. You Speak My Language by Morphine from Good (1992)
21. Mimolle by PinioL from Bran Coucou (2018)
22. Masoko Tanga by The Police from Outlandos d’Amour (1978)
23. Speaking in Tongues clip from the Exorcist (1973)

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #056: Speakeasy Event #2: Saturday Night’s Alright  

September 1, 10pm

Image result for elton john saturday night alright

Hello fellowship of the Alchemist. This was an opportunity to put together a new show on an off schedule time. Why, because it’s Saturday and there’s nowhere else to I’d rather be right now.


Couple of nice interviews from bands playing the show next door at the Make Out Room which included Dizzy Twin, Macerator, The Daniel Benyamin Band and the Toiling Midgets.

1. Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting by Elton John
2. Garden of Earthly Delights by XTC
3. Highly Combustible by The Motet
4. Mystery Achievement by The Pretenders
5. Surf Rider by The Lively Ones
Interview with Mia D’Bruzzi (Frightwig/Mudwimmin) and Roger Rocha (4 Non Blondes/The Goldenhearts) currently of Dizzy Twin.
6. Pavlov’s Palace by Dizzy Twin
7. We’re Having Much More Fun by X
8. Burning Coal by Les McCann
9. Miss Maybelle by R.L. Burnside
10. Suits Are Picking Up the Bill by the Squirrel Nut Zippers
11. Why Do You Look So Sad When You Smile by Daniel Benyamin
Interview with Daniel Benyamin (Toiling Midgets) and Czar Montecola of the Daniel Benyamin Band
12. Three Things by the Toiling Midget
13. Queen Bee by Grand Funk Railroad
14. Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey by the Beatles
15. Bodysnatchers by Radiohead
16. Run, Run, Run by The Gestures
17. Robot Man by the Scorpions
18. Organic Anti-Beatbox Band by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
19. Waiting Room by Fugazi
20. Fugazi by Marillion
21. Grim Reaper by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
22. El Matador by Los Fabulos Cadillacs
23. Po Lazerus by James Carter and the Prisoners
24. That’s How It Goes by the Meat Puppets

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour: Episode #055: Concrete Jungle

August 25, 11pm


More Animal Tracks. Part 2 in my Wild Kingdom Series…..and there will be plenty more…..This time our loose little sub theme is Urban Living. Not much cognitive substance to that, but a great list of songs about animals, or at least named after animals.

Set List:

1. Concrete Jungle by Special Beat from Ska Wars (1999)
2. Elephant Walk by Lettuce from Mt. Crushmore (2016)
3. Comfort Eagle by Cake from Comfort Eagle (2001)
4. Dogs Rule the Night by Porno for Pyros from Good God’s Urge (1996)
5. Animal Behavior by Praxis from Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) (1992)
6. Bonnie the Cat by Porcupine Tree from The Incident (2009)
7. 3 Birds by The Dead Weather from Horehound (2009)
8. Give the Mule What He Wants by Queens of the Stone Age from Queens of the Stone Age (1998)
9. Pets Eat Their Master by Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine from The Audacity of Hype (2009)
10. Worm Drink by Clutch from Blast Tyrant (2004)
11. Fascist Pig by Suicidal Tendencies from Suicidal Tendencies (1983)
12. Vulture by Iggy Pop from Post Pop Depression (2016)
13. P.I.G.S. by Holy Fuck from Latin (2010)
14. Bloodhounds by All Them Witches from Our Mother Electricity (2012)
15. Jingle of a Dog’s Collar by Butthole Surfers from Electric Larryland (1996)
16. Frog by M.I.R.V. from Feeding Time on Monkey Island (1997)
17. Pig Man by Mondo Generator from Cocaine Radio (2000)
18. I’m Your Pet Rock by Reverend Horton Heat from Revival (2004)
19. Whale and Wasp by Alice in Chains from Jar of Flies (1993)
20. Cat and Mouse Game by Dr. John from Swamp Blues (2007)
21. Crawling King Snake by The Doors from L.A. Woman (1970)
22. Dead Dodo Down by Purson from Desire’s Magic Theatre (2016)
23. Rattlesnake Shake by Fleetwood Mac from Men of the World: The Early Years (Collection) (2002)
24. Tommy the Cat by Primus from Suck on This (1990)
25. Anima by Moby from Animal Rights (1996)
26. Warf Rat by Midnight Oil from Deadicated: A Tribute to the Grateful Dead (1991)
27. Animal Kingdom by the Meat Puppets from Up on the Sun (1985)
28. Very Ape by Nirvana from In Utero (1993)
29. Heartworm by Thee Oh Sees from Face Stabber (2019)
30. Jackalope by Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains from The Big Eyeball in the Sky (2004)
31. Nitro Squirrel (Multiple Moe) by Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch from Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch (2001)
32. Concrete Jungle by Bob Marley and the Wailers from Catch a Fire (1973)
33. Searching for Ticks by M.I.R.V. from Feeding Time on Monkey Island (1997)

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #054: In Dah Couch

August 19, 2am


A mellow set of heady songs to relax you and let you sink deep in dah couch.

Set List:
1. Somebody Calling by Robin Trower from In City Dreams (1977)
2. Salt Water Sound by Zero 7 from Simple Things (2001)
3. She’s a Woman by Jeff Beck from Blow By Blow (1975)
4. No Sympathy by Peter Tosh from Legalize It (1976)
5. What Do You Want From Me? By Pink Floyd from The Division Bell (1994)
6. Shambala by the Beastie Boys from Ill Communication (1994)
7. Romany Dagger (Remended) by All Them Witches from Lightning at the Door (2013)
8. The Enchanter by Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation from Mighty ReArranger (2005)
9. A Reminder by Radiohead from Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP (1997)
10. Turn Blue by The Black Keys from Turn Blue (2014)
11. Gerard by Forq from Batch (2015)
12. Strangelight by Fugazi from The Argument (2001)
13. Clouds Are Lie by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Auftheben (2012)
14. O Green World by Gorillaz from Demon Days (2005)
15. Nobody’s Fault by Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience from Soul Visions (2013)
16. Blue Nile by Mulatu Astake and the Heliocentrics from Inspiration Information 3 (2009)
17. Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye from the Trouble Man Soundtrack (1972)
18. Sun is Shining by Bob Marley and the Wailers from Kaya (1978)
19. All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts by The Cave Singers from No Witch (2011)
20. Bees by Warpaint from The Fool (2010)
21. Mami Gato by Medeski, Martin & Wood from End of the World Party (Just in Case) (2004)
22. Blue Jay Way by The Beatles from the Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
23. Ambergis by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard from Omnium Gatherum (2022)
24. Stay Gold by Black Pumas from Black Pumas (2019)
25. With My Own Two Hands by Ben Harper from Diamonds on the Inside (2003)
26. Bo’s Veranda by Morphine from the Get Shorty Soundtrack (1995)
27. It Aint No Use by The Meters from Rejuvination (1974)
28. Beth Krasky by the Incredible Expanding Mindfuck from Arcadia Son (2012)

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #053: Distilled in Blood

August 12, 11pm


Tonight’s show is a mixture of rock, blues, metal and folk with a bit a Southern flare to it. Features a few interludes from Clint Eastwood from various films from his career.

Set List:
1. Wanderlust by Baroness from the Red Album (2007)
2. MIC BREAK: Pause by Adrian Belew from Side One (2005)
3. Doom City by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard from Flying Microtonal Banana (2017)
4. Mountain by All Them Witches from Lightning at the Door (2013)
5. The Preacher by Jamie N. Commons from Rumble and Sway (2011)
6. Damaged Soul by Black Sabbath from 13 (2013)
7. MIC BREAK: Liberation by Gojira from Magma (2016)
8. Solar Flares by Smokemaster from Smokemaster (2020)
9. The Regulator by Clutch from Blast Tyrant (2004)
10. Wiser Time by The Black Crowes from Amorica (1994)
11. Blackened Waters by Black Label Society from The Blessed Hellride (2003)
12. MIC BREAK: Rouge by Lou Reed from Ecstasy (2000)
13. Legend by Elder from Lore (2015)
14. My Mind is Ramblin’ by The Black Keys from Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough (2006)
15. Cold Irons Bound by Bob Dylan from Time Out of Mind (1997)
16. MIC BREAK: Patterns in the Ivy by Opeth from Blackwater Park (2001)
17. This Old Death by Ben Nichols from the Walking Dead Soundtrack (2014)
18. Got Me Wrong by Alice in Chains from Sap (1992)
19. A Good Woman is Hard to Find by Morphine from The Night (2000)
20. Song for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age from Songs for the Deaf (2002)
21. MIC BREAK: Yellow Theme by Baroness from Yellow & Green (2012)
22. For the Lost Souls by Samsara Blues Experiment from Long Distance Trip (2010)
23. Chimes at Midnight by Mastodon from Once More Round the Sun (2014)
24. MIC BREAK: Rainbow Rhodes by Hiatus Kaiyote from Tawk Tomahawk (2012)
25. Ghost to a Ghost by Hank 3 from Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #052: America Consumes Itself

August 5, 6pm


This show is a satirical and sardonic look at American consumerism, our addiction to television and the radicalization of our government and many of the people who subscribe to the extreme beliefs of one or the other. The fact that we have 31 flavors of ice cream to choose from, an infinite spectrum of entertainment options and society that glorifies the indignities of its citizens, The fact that we are pitted against one another though the use of media coercion and propaganda and that we willfully comply with the acting regime as if we had no other choice. This show is meant to sharpen your thinking and hopefully open paths of dialogue where we can engage in our differences with the hope of gaining insight from one another, rather than automatically dismissing the view of those who do not believe as you do. From that, I am a party of one. Join me and we are two, three….and maybe, just maybe, a way of existing harmoniously towards a better future…..or you can just buy something to make yourself feel better about a system that abandoned you long ago. The choice is yours. In the meantime, enjoy this sarcastic blend of music and comedy.

1. Use Me by Bill Withers from Be Still (1972)
2. MIC BREAK: The Headless Horseman by Joe Satriani from Not of This Earth (1986)
3. David Makalaster by Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade from Purple Onion (2002)
4. Maniac by the Limbomaniacs from Stinky Grooves (1990)
5. I’m the Slime by Frank Zappa from Over-Nite Sensation (1973)
6. MIC BREAK: The Joshua Light Show by Steve Stevens from Memory Crash
7. The Big Eyeball in the Sky by Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains from The Big Eyeball in the Sky (2004)
8. Unyielding Conditioning by Fishbone from Give a Monkey a Brain and He’ll Swear He’s the Center of the Universe (1993)
9. The All Suicide TV Channel/Pyramid of Hopelessness by George Carlin from Life is Worth Losing (2006)
10. Great Day by Storm, Inc. from The Calm Years (2001)
11. MIC BREAK: Space Diary 1 by Brian Eno & Jah Wobble from Spinner (1995)
12. You Can’t Bring Me Down by Suicidal Tendencies from Lights…Camera….Revolution! (1990)
13. America Has Spoken by Patton Oswalt from Werewolves and Lollipops (2007)
14. The Power of Lard by Lard from Power of Lard (1989)
15. Fear of a Blank Planet by Porcupine Tree from Fear of a Blank Planet (2007)
16. My Favorite Headache by Geddy Lee from My Favorite Headache (2000)
17. MIC BREAK: Asahi by Animals as Leader from Parrhesia (2022)
18. Black Friday by Faith No More from Sol Invictus (2015)
19. Dumb Americans by George Carlins from Life is Worth Losing (2006)
20. Personal Shopper by Steven Wilson from The Future Bites (2021)
21. David Makalaster II by Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade from Purple Onion (2002)
22. You Have No Rights by George Carlin from It’s Bad For Ya (2008)
23. America Eats Its Young by Funkadelic from America Eats Its Young (1972)
24. Pit of Despair from the Movie the Princess Bride featuring Cary Elwes (Wesley) and Mel Smith (The Albino) (1987)

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #051: Spiral Architecture

July 28, 10pm

This week is just a nice blend of Garage Psyche, Progressive Metal, Electro-Art Rock, Psychedelic Vaudeville and Kraut Rock. No particular overriding themes, so, no need to look for any deeper meaning than this is really cool set of songs.


1. Warsaw, or the First Breath You Take After You Give Up by Them Crooked Vulture from Them Crooked Vultures (2009)
2. Hollywood Sunset by Barry Adamson from the Lost Highway Soundtrack (1997)
3. Army of Ignorance by Samsara Blues Experiment from Long Distance Trip (2010)
4. Apex Dominant by Pulsar from Origins of Life (2022)
5. Holographic Thinking by Voivod from Synchro Anarchy (2022)
6. Pilon Bran Coucou by PinoL from Bran Coucou (2018)
7. Arsis by Gordian Knot from Emergent (2003)
8. Red Study by Thee Oh Sees from Protean Threat (2020)
9. The Liner Notes by Rosalie Cunningham from Two Piece Puzzle (2022)
10. Will O the Wisp by Opeth from Sorceress (2016)
11. Go to Sleep (Little Man Being Erased) by Radiohead from Hail to the Thief (2003)
12. The Ballad of Ophelia Kincade by Dizzy Twin from Empire (2018)
13. Aileron by Boris from Attention Please (2011)
14. Scarecrow by Wand from Laughing Matter (2019)
15. Almost Human by The New Up from Tiny Mirrors (2017)
16. Slinky/Holy Water by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets from Night Gnomes (2022)
17. Cosmic Tears by Birth from Born (2022)
18. Astral Traveler from Smokemaster from Smokemaster (2020)
19. 25 Ghosts III by Nine Inch Nails from Ghosts I-IV (2008)
20. Victor by Victor from Victor (Alex Lifeson) (1996)
21. Enemy Prayer by OSI from Fire Make Thunder (2012)
22. The Widening Eye by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (2007)
23. Polarity Integrate by KnightressM1 from Dreams and Devastation (2020)
24. Where There Was Sea There is Abyss by White Willow from Future Hopes (2017)
25. Ascend by Wheel from Resident Human (2021)

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour: Episode #050: An Evening with Schwaomp.

July 22, 7pm


I am proud to have hosted Zack Sanders and Jacob Gilmore of the band Schwaomp to discus and listen to their debut, self-titled EP, their musical history and influences and music in general.
Zack Sanders, Composer, Guitar and Bass.
Jacob Gilmore, Producer and Drums.
Join in for a fun chat with some great music.
And yes, I am a proud papa Alchemist. Jacob is my son.

Set List
1. Seven Ways Til Sunday by T.R.A.M. from Lingua Franca (2012)
2. Bloomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
3. Blomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
4. Blamp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
5. Blaomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
6. A Weather Front Was Stalled Out in the Pacific, Like a Lonely Person, Lost in Thought, Oblivious of Time by Cloudkicker from Subsume (2013)
7. Flaomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
8. Floomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
9. The Brain Dance by Animals as Leaders from The Madness of Many (2016)
10. Marrow by Meshuggah from Koloss (2012)
11. Uno Mas More by Mestis from Polysemy (2015)
12. Schloomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
13. Schwoomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
14. Schwaomp I: Schwimp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
15. Schwaomp II: Schwamp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
16. Schwaomp III: Schwaomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp (2022)
17. Tower Falls by Baroness from First/Second Reissue (2008)
18. The Last Baron by Mastodon from Crack the Skye (2009)
19. Not Enough Mana by Bulb from Archives: Vol. 5 (2020)

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #049: Army of the Twelve Monkeys

July 16, 11am

Welcome back my fellow Alchemical maniacs.  It’s been a year since I have been bringing you my musical explorations for you to enjoy.  The past month has been an extended trek of Allied Forces sessions with the Skeevy Side Show which has been a ton of fun, but has lead me away from my favorite pastime, making up a movie soundtrack vibe and immersing you in that world.  Well, this week is a return to that format with a modification of a show I had set up for you a couple of weeks ago when I had to air a rerun because our studio was getting a facelift with new equipment.  Wow. It’s looking really good at Radio Valencia.  This show got it’s own make over when I decided to merge the Twelve Monkey scenes into what clearly was a sub theme to the animal song tracks.  It begs a question in the overall arc.


Do we, the human race, really deserve to be a surviving species?  It’s a quintessential question as we continue to develop systematic methods of self-destruction and then end up fighting to counter them.  Intriguing isn’t it.

Episode #049:  Army of the Twelve Monkeys: 

Lots of film dialogue and extended cross fades and a particularly juicy mash up near the end of the set with I.E.M. and Pink Floyd.

Set List:

  1. Domesticated Animals by Queens of the Stone Age
  2. Rats Return by Porcupine Tree
  3. Snake Eyes by John Paul Jones
  4. Reptile by Periphery
  5. Dead Dog on Asphalt by Adrian Belew
  6. Funeral for a Great Drunken Bird by All Them Witches
  7. Nest of Vipers by Black Bonzo
  8. Leap Frog by Hiatus Kaiyote
  9. Dogs by Pink Floyd
  10. The Lord is a Monkey by the Butthole Surfers
  11. Ants of the Sky by Between the Buried and Me
  12. Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold
  13. Birdcage by That One Guy
  14. Terror Bird by Bent Knee
  15. Jaguar God by Mastodon
  16. Vultures Fly by Avatar
  17. Superbug by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  18. Overlapping Songs  (second track starts about 1.5 minutes into first)
    1. Cicadian Haze by the Incredible Expanding Mindfuck
    1. Several Species of Small Fury Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict by Pink Floyd
  19. Evelyn, A Modified Dog by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #048: Allied Forces Union #7: Freakin’ da-70’s, Man!!

July 7, 11pm

Johnny “Bolt” Reynolds and The Alchemist Rockin’ the 70’s Freak Brother Style.
This is a huge decade full of many styles to make a great hodge-podge of eclectic awesomeness. Enjoy 6 hours of a great decade.


Set List:
1. Panic in Detroit by David Bowie
2. Nappy Dugout by Funkadelic
3. Never Been Any Reason by Head East
4. Mother Popcorn by James Brown
5. 400 Years (Jamaican Version) by Bob Marley & The Wailers
6. Clyde by J.J Cale
7. Refugee by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
8. Smiling Faces by the Undisputed Truth
9. Green Onions by Booker T and the MG’s
10. I Gotcha by Joe Tex
11. I Ain’t the One by Lynyrd Skynyrd
12. Basketball Jones by Cheech and Chong
13. Hang Up Your Hang Ups by Herbie Hancock
14. The Knife by Genesis
15. What Is Live by George Harrison
16. Third Uncle by Brian Eno
17. Lawyers, Guns and Money by Warren Zevon
18. Come Dancing by Jeff Beck
19. My Babe by Foghat
20. In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations by Journey
21. The Prophet’s Song by Queen
22. Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper
23. 7 Screaming Dizzbusters by Blue Oyster Cult
24. Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve) by the Buzzcocks
25. Looking Through Gary Gilmore’s Eyes by the Adverts
26. Dirk Wears White Sox by Adam and the Ants
27. Mary Winehouse by the Adicts
28. Sonic Reducer by the Dead Boys
29. Politicians in My Eyes by Death
30. Where Did His Eye Go? By the Dickies
31. Fan Club by the Damned
32. Jigsaw Feeling by Siouxsie and the Banshees
33. My Girl by Madness
34. Needles and Pins by the Ramones
35. My Wife by The Who
36. In Search of the Peace of Mind by the Scorpions
37. Cocaine by Richard Pryor
38. Johnny Too Bad by the Slickers
39. O-O-H Child by the Five Stairsteps
40. Black Water by the Doobie Brothers
41. Train in Vain by the Clash
42. Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder
43. Richie Dagger’s Crime by the Germs
44. Slow Down by the Jam
45. White Punks on Dope by Nina Hagen Band
46. Hanging on the Telephone by the Nerves
47. Damaged Goods by Gang of Four
48. Sound of the Suburbs by the Members
49. Public Image by Public Image LTD.
50. Want you Baby by the Plasmatics
51. Looking for a Kiss by the New York Dolls
52. Cherry Bomb by the Runaways
53. One Hundred Punks by Generation X
54. The Boys are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy
55. Dina-Moe-Humm by Frank Zappa
56. Black Betty by Ram Jam
57. Spanish Fly by Van Halen
58. Dave by Cheech and Chong
59. Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel
60. If You Want Me to Stay by Sly and the Family Stone
61. (Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Gonna Go by Curtis Mayfield
62. Overdose by AC/DC
63. Back on the Streets Again by Tower of Power
64. Wicked World by Black Sabbath
65. Rock Bottom (Live) by UFO
66. Achilles Last Stand by Led Zeppelin
67. Funky Kingston by Toots and the Maytals
68. Sanford and Son Theme by Quincy Jones
69. The Fountain at Lamneth by Rush
70. Pigs (Three Different Ones) by Pink Floyd
71. More Than a Feeling by Boston
72. Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television by George Carlin
73. Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot
74. Perfect Day by Lou Reed
75. Turn to Stone by the Electric Light Orchestra
76. Sails of Charon by the Scorpions
77. Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang
78. The Piano Has Been Drinking, Not Me by Tom Waits