Hell’s Kitchen Radio #447: Tripping Through The Audiosphere

Thursday, August 12, 4pm

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Serving up some hot platters for your brain matter. 

Seriously though, there are some good eats for your ears on this here show. Give it spin…or a stream. You can download it to go! Who knows, maybe you’re listening to this show in the distant future, floating through space, far from our galaxy. Good on ya! Do you still consider yourself human, even if you don’t live on planet Earth anymore? 

I’ve been reading the “Three-Body Problem“, by Cixin Liu, and that question comes up throughout the trilogy. 

As for this here show, it’s an interesting one. I’m training a new host, DJ Collin, who’s going to be starting his new show Friday’s 6-8PM Pacific, “Digging with DJ Collin“. The second half of this show features a lot of his selections. I really put him to the test tonight. There were so many tech issues, even I was getting a bit flustered. He was chill the whole way through, and really gave his best. I can’t wait to tune in to his show!
Our new home is really attracting some great talent. Please take the time to tune in regularly throughout the week. You never know when your next favorite host will knock you off your feet. 

Take a look at the playlist below, click on the link at the top to stream or download this baby, and enjoy your trip through the cosmos.



Are you in our around San Francisco, Sunday, August 15th? We’re having a fundraiser at Make Out Room, our next door neighbor on 22nd street. We would love to see you. We have bands, and yours truly is MCing along with a few other Radio Valencia DJs. Check out the link for all the details.

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Guess what, our door broke again. WTF?!?!? More than ever we are in need of funds beyond what our staff can afford. If you can throw a few dimes Radio Valencia’s way, we will be forever in your debt. Thanks in advance. 

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I Like Marijuana: David Peel
Neat Neat Neat: Damned
Hard Time Killing Floor Blues: Skip James

Zo No Sanaka: Kikagaku Moyo
The Snake: Pink Fairies

Hunter: Joni Mitchell
Master of the Universe: Hawkwind
Mr. Pharmacist: The Fall
Linda Blair: Redd Kross

A Hedonist: EXEK
Are You Really Going To Move To The South: Marissa Nadler
UFO Please Take Me Home: Coachwhips
If I Had My Way: Bosco
Hideaway: Olivia Tremor Control – DJ Collin
Ride It: Montra – DJ Collin
Louise: Acetone – DJ Collin

LPs: Jeffrey Lewis – DJ Collin
Driftin’: Sonny and the Sunsets – DJ Collin
Speeding Motorcycle: Daniel Johnston with Yo La Tengo – DJ Collin

Burnt Toast: Daddy Longhead
Blood Like Cream: Red Fang
March To Fuzz: Mudhoney

The Waitress Song: First Aid Kit
Dragstrip Riot: The Flesh Eaters

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