Hell’s Kitchen Radio #450: Roommate Radio At It’s Finest

Thursday, September 23, 8pm

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Music and mayhem for two hours. You’re good with that, right? I really had no chance, btw. I have to keep up appearances. I really listen to Helen Reddy and Montovani at home. You knew that though. You’re smart like that. I’m boring as all get out. Dad jokes a-plenty! I plug my ears through all this music you hear during my show. Blech. Who needs it? amiright?????

And then there’s the guests! Sheesh! Who the Hell wants to talk to people? I really just want to sink into my comfy couch, eat some bon-bons and watch train videos on YouTube. 

First hour is some stuff, follower by things. Ha! New music from Red FangToshi Kasai and Daddy Longhead. Such goodness coming from these artists. I’m looking forward to interviewing producer, engineer, electronics wiz Toshi Kasai in the upcoming weeks.

Second hour brings a visit from the one and only Mike Dingle of the 3rd Thursday Band, and Marlon Kasberg of KFJC (I won’t share his airname, but you will know him when you hear him). They stopped in to talk up this weekend hullabaloo happening at Winters Tavern in Pacific, Saturday and Sunday, featuring a tribute to the late. great rock/punk saxophonist Steve Mackay. The interview was fun and way too much roommate radio, but silly nonetheless. 

There’s also some great music featuring Steve Mackay late in the second hour.

If you really want to give a listen to what a bunch of idiots who have known one another for 20+ years in and around the music and radio history, forgetting that they’re on the radio, and ignoring the listeners, then you really want to give this a lesson. To be honest though, Marlon and I did our best to keep Dingle on point, and talking directly into the microphone. I love that guy. 

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