Hell’s Kitchen Radio #465: We Love You EB

Thursday, February 3, 5pm

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Well my dear friend Eric “EB” Brown passed away on Monday morning. What a dear man he was. Always ready with a smile and a quick retort. I appreciated him in more ways than I can count. I’ll miss you, dear friend. My heart goes out to your wonderful wife, Cat, and your entire family. My heart also goes out to our large circle of friends, who have lost countless lives over the past decade. 

Fuck cancer. 

Do you ever think about how you’re going to die? I think I’m going to be stabbed to death. Isn’t that a lovely thought? I’ve thought about this more times than I care to admit; almost always when I’m walking in a compromised neighborhood, late at night. “Will I make it out of here alive” is usually the question I ask myself. So far, so good. 

Don’t be so nihilistic, Mr. Hell.

I have no death wish. I would love to be happy and healthy deep into my senior years. I want to see my kids grow up, reaching their dreams, or at least finding stability. That would be nice. And there’s too much music to enjoy. I need to be spinning records for a few more decades, thank you very much.
But when I think about who we’ve lost, I fairly confident these very active and creative people also wanted to keep engaging and producing for many more years. They didn’t ask for this. And they fought against it, tooth and nail. 

Fuck cancer.

I think about what Jerry Garcia said about how he was going to live this life: “I choose fun”. He died young, only 53. And he died with a smile on his face. Of course it was the drugs and diabetes that did him in. Luckily I have no drug addiction, and I’m healthier than I’ve been in many many years. 
I’m reminded what Miles Davis said about drugs: “When you’re rich, cocaine ain’t a habit.” Thanks Miles. 
This show wasn’t meant to turn into a memorial, but many of the songs have that flavor. New music from Eric McFadden, Death Valley Girls, Le Butcherettes, Brigid Dawson, JD Pinkus, Pedro Connect, and red Fang.
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Enjoy and please share.

Oh, and fuck cancer.


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Eagles Over America: ShitKit
Ballad of Dwight Fry: Eric McFadden

Sun Goddess: Earth Wind and Fire (For EB)
Dread Lion: The Upsetters

When I’m Free: Death Valley Girls
Alone and Stoned: King Tuff
Ra Wah Wah: Psychic Ills

Heartbreak Jazz: Brigid Dawson and the Mother’s Network
Hummingbird: Bob Seger

Fungus Shui: JD Pinkus
Across the Universe: The Space Lady

The Universe: Le Butcherettes
Pedro: The Toulon – Pedro Connect

Last Of His Kind: Neil Young
Parchman Farm: John Mayall with Eric Clapton
Kicked Out: Dead Moon

Unreal Estate: Red Fang

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