Hell’s Kitchen Radio #470: Let’s Celebrate the TL

Sunday, March 20, 9pm

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There are neighborhoods around San Francisco I get excited about, and then there are neighborhoods I’d just rather avoid all-together. I’ve spent countless days in rough hoods like Bayview, Hunters Point, Western Addition, and the like. I’ve seen some crazy things in these neighborhoods. I’ve participated in crazy things in these neighborhoods. And I have often asked myself if I felt safe? Trust me when I tell you there were plenty of times, walking in the middle of the night, deep in the heart of some neighborhood, where I knew the streets well during the day, but at night something else happens entirely. 

I do not spend much time in the Tenderloin. Other than seeing shows at the Great American Music Hall, a few services at Glide, or taking my students on a field trip to the federal courthouse (which is more Civic Center than TL), this just isn’t a place I like to find myself. It’s not that it’s crime-infested. It’s junkie-infested. And why? This is where the treatment centers are located! 

It’s that energy I just can’t be around.

So imagine my surprise when I got a call from Stephen DePace of Flipper, telling me about an upcoming  exhibit at the Tenderloin Museum titled “Sounds of the Tenderloin“? The first words out of my mouth were “there’s a museum in the TL?”. There is indeed a museum in the TL. The Tenderloin Museum opened its doors in 2015.

And here I thought I knew (almost) everything about the history of music in San Francisco.

Stephen brought the exhibition curator Dale Hoyt over to the RV studios to talk about the show and some history of the TL that was music to my ears. There is a lot of information over at the museum website, and some great shows coming up in support of the exhibit, including our friends Flipper at Great American Music Hall, May 26th. 

Let’s all go on a field trip to the Tenderloin Museum to check out this exhibit together. Just watch out for the needles.


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