Sufficient Grounds

Saturday, January 22, 11am

I am a big fan of independent freeform radio and what it brings to airwaves and internet. It’s pretty amazing that you can tune in to stations all over the world and be turned on to new music that you would not normally find through your Spotify or Apple Music algorithm. Notable stations that I tune into regularly aside from the always entertaining Radio Valencia are: KALX (Berkeley, CA), WDVR (Delaware Valley, NJ), WFMU (Jersey City, NJ), WFVR (South Royalton, VT), and KEXP (Seattle, WA). I’ll be channeling those stations where I find new music and bringing it to you LIVE Saturday mornings.

Sufficient Grounds – Like a good cup of brewed coffee that begins your day, Sufficient Grounds starts you off right with a music scape into your morning groove of working-out or leftover pizza.

See you LIVE Saturday mornings at 8 to 10am PT and repeated Wednesdays at 8am PT. I am that morning guy, always have been. Comments/requests send them to me

Cheers, Sully

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