Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #054: In Dah Couch

August 19, 2am


A mellow set of heady songs to relax you and let you sink deep in dah couch.

Set List:
1. Somebody Calling by Robin Trower from In City Dreams (1977)
2. Salt Water Sound by Zero 7 from Simple Things (2001)
3. She’s a Woman by Jeff Beck from Blow By Blow (1975)
4. No Sympathy by Peter Tosh from Legalize It (1976)
5. What Do You Want From Me? By Pink Floyd from The Division Bell (1994)
6. Shambala by the Beastie Boys from Ill Communication (1994)
7. Romany Dagger (Remended) by All Them Witches from Lightning at the Door (2013)
8. The Enchanter by Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation from Mighty ReArranger (2005)
9. A Reminder by Radiohead from Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP (1997)
10. Turn Blue by The Black Keys from Turn Blue (2014)
11. Gerard by Forq from Batch (2015)
12. Strangelight by Fugazi from The Argument (2001)
13. Clouds Are Lie by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Auftheben (2012)
14. O Green World by Gorillaz from Demon Days (2005)
15. Nobody’s Fault by Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience from Soul Visions (2013)
16. Blue Nile by Mulatu Astake and the Heliocentrics from Inspiration Information 3 (2009)
17. Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye from the Trouble Man Soundtrack (1972)
18. Sun is Shining by Bob Marley and the Wailers from Kaya (1978)
19. All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts by The Cave Singers from No Witch (2011)
20. Bees by Warpaint from The Fool (2010)
21. Mami Gato by Medeski, Martin & Wood from End of the World Party (Just in Case) (2004)
22. Blue Jay Way by The Beatles from the Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
23. Ambergis by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard from Omnium Gatherum (2022)
24. Stay Gold by Black Pumas from Black Pumas (2019)
25. With My Own Two Hands by Ben Harper from Diamonds on the Inside (2003)
26. Bo’s Veranda by Morphine from the Get Shorty Soundtrack (1995)
27. It Aint No Use by The Meters from Rejuvination (1974)
28. Beth Krasky by the Incredible Expanding Mindfuck from Arcadia Son (2012)

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #029: A Celebration of Black History Month

February 25, 2pm


When compiling this show, I found it difficult to exclude many artists and several tracks I wanted to get into this show did not make it. Next year. Two shows.

Set list
1. I Have a Dream (Stuff) (17:00) Full speech (8/28/1963) with Miles Davis “Stuff” music underbed from Miles in the Sky. (1968) Jazz
2. MIC BREAK: Take it or Leave it (2:13) by Miles Davis from the Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (1968) Jazz Fusion
3. A Change is Gonna Come (3:11) by Sam Cooke from A Change is Gonna Come (1964) R&B/Soul
4. Strange Fruit (3:11) by Billie Holiday from Billy Remembers Billy (1939) Jazz
5. Mississippi Goddam (4:55) by Nina Simone from Live at Carnegie Hall (1964) Jazz
6. What’s Going On (3:53) by Marvin Gaye from What’s Going On (1971) R&B/Soul
7. Everyday People (2:21) by Sly and the Family Stone from Stand! (1969) R&B/Soul
8. Say it Loud-I’m Black and I’m Proud Part 1(2:46) by James Brown from Number 1’s (1969) R&B/Soul
9. MIC BREAK: Nine (2:06) by Madhouse from Madhouse 16 (1987) Jazz
10. Chocolate City (5:41) by Parliament from Chocolate City (1975) R&B/Soul
11. Slow Bus Movin’ (Howard Beach Party) (2:38) by Fishbone from Truth & Soul (1988) Alternative Rock
12. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (3:06) by Gil Scott Heron from Pieces of a Man (1970) Jazz/Soul
13. Move On Up (8:55) by Curtis Mayfield from Curtis (1970) Jazz/Soul
14. MIC BREAK: Junkie Chase (1:41) by Curtis Mayfield from Superfly
15. Premature Autopsies (Sermon) (16:23) Tribute to Duke Ellington by Winton Marsalis from The Majesty of the Blues (1988) Jazz
16. R.L.’s Story (6:18) by R.L. Burnside from Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down (2000) Blues
17. MIC BREAK: Paris (1:15) by Marcus Miller from Silver Rain (2005) Jazz
18. Sister Rosa (5:07) by the Neville Brothers from Live On Planet Earth (1994) R&B/Soul
19. Breakfast @ Denny’s (Uptown Version) (4:20) by Buckshot LeFonque from Buckshot LeFonque (1994) Jazz/Hip Hop
20. Living for the City (7:25) by Stevie Wonder from the Original Musiquarium (1982) R&B/Soul
21. Can You Get to That (2:52) by Funkadelic from Maggot Brain (1971) R&B/Soul
22. Redemption Song (3:55) by Bob Marley from Uprising (1980) Reggae
23. MIC BREAK: ….and We Out (2:06) by Buckshot LeFonque from Buckshot LeFonque (1994) Jazz
24. I Know The Caged Bird Sings (8:04) by Buckshot LeFonque featuring Maya Angelou from Buckshot LeFonque (1994) Jazz/Poetry