Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour Episode #056: Speakeasy Event #2: Saturday Night’s Alright  

September 1, 10pm

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Hello fellowship of the Alchemist. This was an opportunity to put together a new show on an off schedule time. Why, because it’s Saturday and there’s nowhere else to I’d rather be right now.


Couple of nice interviews from bands playing the show next door at the Make Out Room which included Dizzy Twin, Macerator, The Daniel Benyamin Band and the Toiling Midgets.

1. Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting by Elton John
2. Garden of Earthly Delights by XTC
3. Highly Combustible by The Motet
4. Mystery Achievement by The Pretenders
5. Surf Rider by The Lively Ones
Interview with Mia D’Bruzzi (Frightwig/Mudwimmin) and Roger Rocha (4 Non Blondes/The Goldenhearts) currently of Dizzy Twin.
6. Pavlov’s Palace by Dizzy Twin
7. We’re Having Much More Fun by X
8. Burning Coal by Les McCann
9. Miss Maybelle by R.L. Burnside
10. Suits Are Picking Up the Bill by the Squirrel Nut Zippers
11. Why Do You Look So Sad When You Smile by Daniel Benyamin
Interview with Daniel Benyamin (Toiling Midgets) and Czar Montecola of the Daniel Benyamin Band
12. Three Things by the Toiling Midget
13. Queen Bee by Grand Funk Railroad
14. Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey by the Beatles
15. Bodysnatchers by Radiohead
16. Run, Run, Run by The Gestures
17. Robot Man by the Scorpions
18. Organic Anti-Beatbox Band by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
19. Waiting Room by Fugazi
20. Fugazi by Marillion
21. Grim Reaper by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
22. El Matador by Los Fabulos Cadillacs
23. Po Lazerus by James Carter and the Prisoners
24. That’s How It Goes by the Meat Puppets

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour: Ep#014: Halloween Cocktail Party Part 1

October 17, 1pm

Hello fellow Alchemists and Confluxians. It’s that Halloween season and I have some fun for you. 3 shows that capture that Halloween Spirit. Parts one and two are a Party….got some fun songs, some spooky songs, some movie scenes and guest appearances from Elvira and Wolfman Jack.
Here’s the set list.

1. OPENING MIC: Them! Main Title (1:01) by Bronislau Kaper from Monstrous Movie Music (1996) Classical
2. Psycho Goreman live Forever (0:23) Movie Quote from Psycho Goreman featuring Matthew Ninaber (2020)
3. No One Live Forever (4:15) by Oingo Boingo from Dead Man’s Party (1985) Alternate Rock
4. The Tell Tale Heart (4:39) by The Allan Parsons Project from Tales of Mystery and Imagination-Edgar Alan Poe (1976) Rock
5. MIC BREAK: Them! Ant Hole #2, End of the Monsters (1:25) by Bronislau Kaper from Monstrous Movie Music (1996) Classical
6. Boris the Spider (2:37) by The Claypool Lennon Delirium from Lime and Limpid Green (2017) Psychedelic Rock
7. The Green Slime (2:28) by The Exotic Ones from The Green Slime (2018) Psychedelic Rock
8. Lucifer Sam (3:07) by Pink Floyd from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967) Psychedelic Rock
9. Where Wolf/There Wolf (0:25) from the Movie Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman and Terri Garr (1974)
10. The Siege and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria (6:45) by Blue Öyster Cult from Imaginos (1988) Rock
11. MIC BREAK: “Tarantula”: Radioactive Research (1:06) by Masatoshi Mitsumoto; Radio Symphony Orchestra Of Cracow from More Monstrous Movie Music (1996) Classical
12. Halloween (3:42) by Siouxsie and the Banshees from Juju (1981) Post Punk/Goth Rock
13. Bela Lugosi’s Dead (2:34) by Dead Cross from Dead Cross (2017) Goth Metal
14. Good Ash/Bad Ash (1:22) from the movie Army of Darkness featuring Bruce Campbell. (1992)
15. Poisoned Stones (3:55) by Oh Sees from Face Stabber (2019) Garage Psyche
16. Intruder (4:55) by Peter Gabriel from Peter Gabriel 3: Melt (1980) Rock
17. Elvira Therapy Session (1:42) Elvira Show Promo
18. Bad Girl Feels Good (0:31) from Army of Darkness featuring Bruce Campbell and Embeth Davidtz (1992)
19. Holy Ghost (5:33) by Bent Knee from Land Animal (2017) Art Rock
20. The Little Man Who Wasn’t There (3:01) by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra from 30’s & 40’s Era Halloween Music, Vol. 2 (2011) (1934) Big Band
21. Ghost of Stephen Foster (3:32) by the Squirrel Nut Zippers from Perennial Favorites (1998) Swing Revival
22. MIC BREAK: It Came From Outer Space: Mysterious Desert (1:48) Irving Gertz from Mostrous Movie Music (1996) Classical
23. Black Sabbath (6:20) by Black Sabbath from Black Sabbath (1970) The Origin of Heavy Metal
24. PG for Short (1:40) from the movie Psycho Goreman featuring Nita-Josse Hanna, Owen Myre and Matthew Ninaber (2020)
25. Cosmic Monsters, Inc. (5:14) by White Zombie from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1 (1992) Metal
26. MIC BREAK: Stalking the Creature (1:59) by Henri Mancini from Themes of Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films (1956) Classical
27. Killer Klowns (4:36) by the Dickies from Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) Rock
28. Sweet Mystery (1:18) from the movie Young Frankenstein featuring Madeline Kahn and Peter Boyle (1974)
29. Zombie Woof (5:10) by Frank Zappa from Over-Nite Sensation (1973) Rock
30. Bonin’ in the Boneyard (4:44) by Fishbone from Truth and Soul (1988) Funk Rock
31. Hot Monster (1:07) from the movie Young Frankenstein featuring Madeline Kahn and Peter Boyle (1974)
32. 2 Big Pumpkins (2:42) by Elvira from 2 Big Pumpkins (2013) Rock
33. Psycho Goreman Meets the Parents/Freak Out (3:17) from the movie Psycho Goreman featuring Nita-Josse Hanna, Matthew Ninaber, Alexis Hancey, Adam Brookes (2020)
34. MIC BREAK: Visitors from Space (1:47) by Herman Stein from Themes of Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films (1953) Classical
35. I Put a Spell on You (4:32) by Creedence Clearwater Revival from Creedence Clearwater Revival (1968) Americana Rock
36. Spooky (4:59) by the Atlanta Rhythm Section from Underdog (1979) Rock
37. Boom Stick! (1:43) from the movie Army of Darkness featuring Bruce Campbell (1992)
38. The Weeds Took Over the Town (2:18) by The Slow Poisoner from Fatal Floral Phonograph (2005) Psychedelic Rock
39. MIC BREAK: Dark Star (1:27) by John Carpenter from Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 (2017) Film Score
40. Welcome to Prime Time Bitch (0:24) from the movie A Nightmare of Elm Street part 3: Dream Warriors, featuring Robert Englund (1987)
41. 13 Nights of Halloween (3:56) by Elvira from 2 Big Pumpkins (2013) Rock