Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour: Episode #032: Skatterbox #3

March 19, 4pm


A Skatterbox Session is a form of reconstructive art. Imagine a collection of pristine albums, movies, and stand up comedy routines preserved perfectly in stained glass. Put those into a box. Shake the shit out of the box until everything is broken into a gazillon pieces, then dump out the contents and decorate the box with the broken pieces to form something unique. That is what you will experience here. As always, the Alchemist asks you to please enjoy responsibility.
Set List
1. Videodrones: Questions (0:44) by Trent Reznor from the Lost Highway Soundtrack (1997)
2. M1A1 (3:49) by Gorillaz from Gorillaz (2001)
3. X-Men Doctrine and Decloration/General P. Counterintelligence (2:10) by General Patton vs. The Executioners from Joint Special Operations Task Force
4. Sixteen Saltines (2:37) by Jack White from Blunderbuss (2012)
5. Breaking Alchemy (0:12)
6. MIC BREAK: Salamanders in the Sun (2:25) by Steve Vai from Flex-able (1984)
7. When Do You Reign? (0:42) by Psychic Temple featuring Xololaxinxo from Houses of the Holy (2020)
8. Happy Family (4:24) by King Crimson from Lizard (1970)
9. Brute Squad (0:05) from the Princess Bride (1987)
10. Under the Influence of Meat Puppets (1:58) by fIREHOSE from Ragin’ Full On (1986)
11. Rabbit Ho/Captain Stupido (2:19) by Thundercat from Drunk (2017)
12. Towerblock (6:14) by Frost from Falling Satellites (2016)
13. The Storm (0:52) by Patrick Moraz from The Story of I (1976)
14. MIC BREAK: Madrid’s Gift of Art (3:42) by Maudlin of the Well from Bath (2001)
15. Seven Evil Exes (0:27) from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)
16. Fuck the Facts (0:14) by John Zorn from Naked City (1990)
17. I Hate the Supreme Court (0:27) from Desperate Living (1977)
18. Miracle Pigeon (2:28) by Bird and Buildings from Multipurpose Trap (2013)
19. Communist Day Care Center/Wrong Number (0:44) from Desperate Living (1977)
20. Throw Away the Key (2:22) by Storm Large from Crazy Enough (2009)
21. I’ll Take Good Care of You (0:11) from Misery (1990)
22. Sunshine (5:20) by Bent Knee from Shiny Eyed Babies (2014)
23. Paul Learns the Truth (0:20) from Misery (1990)
24. Hey Joe (7:12) by Robert Plant from Dreamland (2002)
25. MIC BREAK: Hu Hviss-A Ship (1:28) by Mum from Summer Make Good (2004)
26. Different Rhythms-Different People (1:17) by Us3 from Hand on the Torch (1993)
27. Hollywood Swinging (3:37) by T.R.A.M. from Lingua Franca (2012)
28. Shark Sandwich (0:08) from This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
29. Boycott (2:14) by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound (2007)
30. I’m Fuckin’ Lou (1:38) from Fightclub (1999)
31. Rock Star (5:10) by Fishbone from Chim Chim’s Badass Revenge (1996)
32. Divine Filth (2:19) by Dead Cross from Dead Cross (2017)
33. Big Rubbery One (0:04) from Fight Club (1999)
34. Mile Markers (3:47) by the Dead Weather from Dodge and Burn (2015)
35. Madonna Speech (0:59) from Reservoir Dogs (1992)
36. Bawlz (5:39) by Ghost Note from Ghost Note Swagism (2018)
37. What a Phone Call Should Be (0:54) by George Carlin from It’s Bad For Ya (2008)
38. MIC BREAK: Bystander (4:19) by Scar Tissue from Obscurity
39. I’ll Be Back (0.01) from Terminator (1984)
40. Big Bang (4:00) by Frightwig from Hit Return EP (2013)
41. Inconceivable (0:02) from the Princess Bride (1987)
42. What Are You Gonna Do (3:23) by Paul Leary from Born Stupid (2021)
43. Suck Each Other (0:03) from The Expendables (2010)
44. Some Kind of Nature (3:0) by Gorillaz featuring Lou Reed from Plastic Beach (2010)
45. Know Your Enemy (4:56) by Rage Against the Machine featuring Maynard James Keenan from Rage Against the Machine (1992)
46. You Have No Rights (5:14) by George Carlin from It’s Bad For Ya (2008)
47. MIC BREAK: Nostalgia (1:57) by Frank Gambale, Steve Smith & Stuart Ham from The Light Beyond (2000)
48. Eating Machine (0:56) by Giant Squid from Metridium Fields (2014)
49. Bigger Boat (0:03) from Jaws (1975)
50. Sharks (2:23) by Morphine from Yes (1994)
51. Lunch (0:05) from Jaws (1975)
52. MIC BREAK: Number Seven (1:18) by fIREHOSE from Mr. Machinery Operator (1993)
53. Farewell & Adieu (0:21) from Jaws (1975)
54. Paraguay (6:25) by Iggy Pop from Post Pop Depression (2016)

Conflux Cornucopia Cerebellum Cocktail Hour: Episode #017: A Birthday Tribute to the Works of Steven Wilson

November 4, 11pm

Hello fellow Alchemists and Confluxians. Tonight we honor one of my favorite musicians, Steven Wilson. He is often referred to as the greatest musician you’ve never heard of. And as deep as my library was, I had never heard of his music…..until…….
About 7 years ago, I discovered Porcupine Tree (Deadwing to be specific) which I shortly followed up with by grabbing In Absentia and thus a rabbit hole I had fallen into. I had no idea at the time how many burrows I would find or just how deep it went, but I just kept following wherever they lead. What I found was a kindred spirit in that musical “categories” mean almost nothing and that there is no reason not mash them us, depart from one to do another, or just let them rest side by side as if they always belonged together. This is essentially the crux of what I try to bring to you each week and Steven Wilson’s musical catalog, as immense and diverse as it is, is a representation of that. Sadly, in a two hour window there just isn’t enough time to do a deep dive, so I strove to just show you the portal entryways to which a rabbit might seek adventure. So……, Without further ado, in honor and celebration of Steven Wilson, I bring you a small guide to where the rabbit holes are and a small taste of what lies beyond each door.

1. OPENING MIC BREAK: No Luck with Rabbits (0:47) by Porcupine Tree from On the Sunday of Life (1991) Psychedelic/Art Rock
2. The Birthday Party (3:49) by Steven Wilson from Drive Home (EP) (2013) Progressive Rock
3. Time Flies (11:41) by Porcupine Tree from The Incident (2009) Progressive Rock
4. MIC BREAK: The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train (2:00) by Porcupine Tree from The Incident (2009) Progressive Rock
5. Long Distance Runaround (3:31) by Yes from Fragile (The Steven Wilson Remixes) (2018) Classic Progressive Rock
6. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (2:39) by Yes from Fragile (The Steven Wilson Remixes) (1971/2018) Classic Progressive Rock
7. The Boys in the Band (4:35) by Gentle Giant (Steven Wilson Mix) from Octopus (1972/2015) Classic Progressive Rock
8. Cynical Days (3:18) by XTC from Oranges and Lemons (Steven Wilson Remix) (1989) Post Punk/Art Rock
9. MIC BREAK: A Drop in the Ocean (1:36) by Blackfield from Blackfield V (2017) Pop/Alt Rock
10. Pretty Genius (3:52) by No-Man from All the Blue Changes (2006) Art Rock/Trip Hop/Dream Pop
11. Orphan Coal (10:17) by Bass Communion from Bass Communion I (2001) Electronic/Ambient
12. Piece for Hammered Dulcimer and Mellotron Choir (4:30) by I.E.M. (The Incredible Expanding Mindfuck) from Have Come for Your Children (2001) Psychedelic/Krautrock
13. Scars (4:00) by Blackfield from Blackfield I (2004) Indie Rock
14. MIC BREAK: Politician (1:08) by I.E.M. (The Incredible Expanding Mindfuck) from Arcadia Son (2002) Psychedelic/Krautrock
15. Harridan (8:08) by Porcupine Tree from CLOSURE/CONTINUATION due in April 2022 (2021) Progressive Metal
16. Shutdown (10:25) by O.S.I. from Office of Strategic Influence (2002) Progressive Metal
17. Harvest (5:59) by Opeth from Blackwater Park (2001) Progressive Death Metal
18. MIC BREAK: Patterns inf the Ivy (1:50) by Opeth from Blackwater Park (2001) Progressive Death Metal
19. The Lines in My Hand (3:49) by Opeth from Heritage (2011) Progressive Metal
20. Index (4:49) by Steven Wilson from Grace for Drowning (2011) Industrial/Progressive Metal
21. Hag (6:28) by Storm Corrosion from Storm Corrosion (2012) Psychedelic Folk Rock/Experimental
22. MIC BREAK: Pagan (1:39) by Porcupine Tree from Signify (1996) Indie/Alt Rock
23. Eminent Sleeze (3:43) by Steven Wilson from The Future Bites (2021) Electronic Rock
24. Sentimental (5:27) by Porcupine Tree from Fear of a Blank Planet (2007) Progressive Metal
25. FAREWELL MIC BREAK: On the Sunday of Life (2:12) by Porcupine Tree from On the Sunday of Life (1991) Psychedelic/Art Rock
26. The Raven That Refused to Sing (7:57) by Steven Wilson from The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) (2013) Progressive Rock