The Curated Catastrophe – Breathy Vocalists, and Other Stuff

Saturday, July 3, 3pm

This was a “regular” episode of the Catastrophe, in that we mainly focused on music, and decided to skip the topical content this week. Malderor does have a sort of odd commonality amongst his musical selections, as most of them feature breathy male vocalists in the Mark Hollis/Steve Winwood/John Martyn vein, but that’s not really a “theme” exactly. Whatever, there is good music this week, so check it out!

2:03pm: Oh Oh Yeah by Morcheeba

2:15pm: Lebanese Blonde by Thievery Corporation

2:19pm: It’s My Life (Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival) by Talk Talk

2:27pm: My Ever Changing Moods (Live) by The Style Council

2:31pm: What’s Going On (Live On Jools Holland) by Paul Weller

2:43pm: Space by Pool Clvb

2:46pm: High by the Beach by Lana del Ray

2:51pm: Royals by Lorde

2:54pm: Floating by Klur

2:59pm: Big Muff by John Martyn

3:06pm: Can’t Find My Way Home (Live) by Steve Winwood

3:11pm: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning by Richard Thompson

3:21pm: Mango by Kamaau feat. Adeline Instant Crush

3:27pm: Instant Crush by Daft Punk (feat. Julian Casablancas)

3:31pm: Wildfires by SAULT

3:39pm: Yes (Live On Jools Holland) by McAlmont & Butler

3:42pm: The Right Stuff by Bryan Ferry

3:46pm: The World Is A Ghetto by War

3:58pm: Galileo by Shriekback

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.

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