URPS #230 Welcome MINTI FRESH!

Tuesday, October 26, 8pm

Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul

Welcome aboard Mindi!!!

I have an AMAZING NEW CO HOST on the show, Minti Fresh is an old pal, a radio pro, and we never tire of things to talk about.

Whisper Softly by Kool and the Gang

2:09pm: Uncle Jam by Funkadelic

2:11pm: The Crown by Gary Byrd and the GB Experience

2:49pm: Chain Of Fools>See Saw> (Live) by Aretha Today my pal from Jersey comes on to talk about all things Jersey.

2:49pm: Don’t Play That Song by Aretha

2:53pm: Respect by Aretha

2:54pm: Bridge Over Trouble Water>We’ve Only Just Begun by Aretha

2:58pm: Rappers Delight by Sugar Hill Gang

3:03pm: Ready or Not Remix by Fuggees

3:04pm: Every Ghetto, Every City by Lauryn Hill

3:12pm: Black Hand Side by Queen Latifah

3:17pm: Our Most Requested Record by Ice T

3:23pm: When Your Smiling / Blue Moon by Frank Sinatra

3:27pm: Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

3:33pm: Walk On By by Dionne Warwick

3:34pm: I.G.Y. by Donald Fagan

3:54pm: Who Loves You by Frankie Vallie And the 4 Seasons

3:56pm: The Ties That Bind by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

4:05pm: Who’s In Your Head by Jonas Brothers

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