Gramophoney Baloney

Seth Augustus performing live on Gramophoney Baloney 15th Jan. 2012

Tuesday, January 17

D.J.McSchmormac recovers from a recent self-inflicted vicious bite to his tongue incurred during an unsuccessful simultaneous talking & pizza-chewing incident. Moods are elevated on discovering the studio board’s output settings have undergone a miraculous transformation since the previous week, it’s pre-1951 sound reproductions galore, yet again, and during the second half of the show Seth Augustus drops by with his guitar & his slide for an exclusive live performance




  • “Yama Yama”(excerpt) by Orquesta de Enrique Peña from “The Cuban Danzón– Before There Was Jazz 1906-1929”
  • “Chiclana” by Astor Piazzolla y Su Orquesta Típica from “Los Primeros Años”
  • “Raga Bhairavi: Matvare Tore” by Bai Sunderabai from “Vintage 78 RPM Records”
  • “Some Scream High Yellow” by Bo Weavil Jackson (aka Sam Butler) from “The Paramount Masters”
  • “High Water Everywhere (Part 1)” by Charley Patton from “Complete Recordings 1929-1934”
  • “Long Ways from Home: by Louise Johnson from “Charley Patton – Complete Recordings 1929-1934”
  • “(Rimsky Korsakov’s) Flight of The Bumblebee” by Pablo Casals with Blas Net from “Encores & Transcriptions, Vol. 2 (1927-1930)
  • “Tiptoe Thru The Tulips” by Eddie Peabody from “Baby How Can It Be? Songs of Love, Lust & Contempt from the 1920s and 1930s”
  • “Eightball Blues” by Roosevelt Sykes with Big Sid Catlett from “Nasty But It’s Clean”
  • “Dance from Berkovica Region” by Radi Angelov  & Kavaltziev Ens. from  “Music of The Balkans Vol.2 – Bulgaria – Turkey 1930-1945”
  • “Atomic Fuel Cylinders Stolen”
  • “Yu Ta Pa Chiao (Rain Dropping On A Banana Tree)” by Prof. Yau Hok Chau And Associates from “Rain Dropping on the Banana Tree – An Anthology of Chinese Classical Music”
  • “On The “Bean”” by The Coleman Hawkins Quartet from “Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Moods – Original Recordings 1944-1948”
  • “Ukhar the Merchant” by Nadezhda Plevitskaya from “Estrada – Russian Gypsy Singers – Recordings from 1905-1931”
  • “Taranta de la Gabriela” by La Niña de los Peines with Ramón Montoya from “Patrimonio de Andalucía”
  • “Marisa-Gioia Di Bamba (Darling Child)” by Giovanni Vicari from “Speranze Perdute – Italian Folksongs, Mazurkas, Polkas and Waltzes Played by the Great Mandolinists (1913-1928) Volume Two”
  • “Seaboard Stomp” by Blind Blake from  “All The Published Sides”
  • “Down The Dirt Road Blues” by Charley Patton from “Complete Recordings 1929-1934”
  • “Paliopedho” by Apostolos Hadzichristos from “A Unique Greek Voice –Selected Recordings 1937-1953 – Remastered”
  • “Na Yiati Perno” by M.Vamvakaris with Sophia Karivali from “Rembetika 3 – Vasillis Tsitsanis”
  • “Electronic Teardrops” by Seth Augustus from “Seth Augustus live on Gramophoney Baloney”
  • “I Rule My Den (aka Crawling King Snake)” by John Lee Hooker from “The Collection 1948-52”
  • “Slim Sam” by Seth Augustus from “Seth Augustus live on Gramophoney Baloney”
  • “Oh Death” by Seth Augustus
  • “O Kaixis” by A.Hadzichristos, Ev. Hadzichristos, Vamvakaris from “A Unique Greek Voice –Selected Recordings 1937-1953 – Remastered”
  • “Tiny Little Head” by Seth Augustus from “To The Pouring Rain”
  • “Moon Moods”(excerpt) by Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman with Les Baxter Orchestra & chorus from “Music Out of The Moon”
  • “Elder Green Blues” by Seth Augustus from “Seth Augustus live on Gramophoney Baloney”

See The Seth Augustus Trio live on the first Friday of every month at the Revolution Cafe, San Francisco, next one is coming up February 3rd

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