Gramophoney Baloney

Gramophoney Baloney: Non-English-language selection 1910-1950

Sunday, May 27

Inspired by Peter Thomas, secretary of the Conservative Caucus, who expressed resentment about a pizza restaurant chain’s plan to give free pizza to customers who place their orders in Spanish, and was quoted as saying: “In public areas, people should be speaking English, and that includes pizza parlors” – DJ McSchmormac decided to do an entire show of pre-1951 recordings in languages OTHER than English!!!




  • (Saint-Saëns:) ‘Carnival des animaux’ (‘Carnival of the Animals’)(excerpt) by the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Leopold Stokowski from “1929 Recordings of Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra”
  • “Ma Blonde Est Partie (Jolie Blonde)” by Amadie Breaux from “Cajun Capers – Cajun Music 1928-1954”
  • “I woaß net wia ma is!” by Weiß Ferdl from “München – Volkssänger – Rare Schellacks 1902-1948”
  • “Dhio Psarakia Melanouria” by Ka. Koula from “Remetika 7 – Women of Rembetika 1908-1947”
  • “Chasidic in America” by Moishe Oysher And Florence Weiss from “Dave Tarras – Yiddish-American Music: 1925-1956”
  • “Wir machen Musik” by Ilse Werner & Orchester Adolf Steimel from “Ilse Werner – ZYX”
  • “Tic-tac do meu coração” by Carmen Miranda from “The Extraordinary Girl”
  • “Song of Zambesi-Rumba” by Merry Blackbirds Orchestra from “Gay Life in Dikanka – R. Crumb’s Old-Time Favourites”
  • “Kuyini Loku?” by George Sibanda from “The Legendary George Sibanda -Southern Rhodesia – Zimbabwe – 1948 ’49 ’50 ’53”
  • “Un Instant d’Infini” by Nita Rette & Hot Trio from “Django et compagnie”
  • “(Cui:)Orientale No. 9, Op. 50 (from Kaleidoscope)” by Gregor Piatigorsky with Ralph Berkowitz from “Concertos and Encores (1934-1950)”
  • “Mistere’e Marechiare” by Eduardo Ciannelli from “L’Appuntamento – Italian Folksongs, Mazurkas, Polkas and Waltzes Played by the Great Mandolinists (1913-1928) Volume One”
  • “Oh Giovannino! (Joseph, Joseph)” by Natalino Otto & Orchestra Gorni Kramer from “Un Nome. La Storia”
  • “Tu Que Puedes Vuelvete” by Atahualpa Yupanqui from “Piedra y Camino – 1936/1947”
  • “I remember a day” by Natalia Tamara from “Estrada – Russian Gypsy Singers – Recordings from 1905-1931”
  • “La Monticlero” by Azucena Maizani from “Remigio 1929-1931”
  • “Smyneiko Zeimbekiko: by Marika Papagika from “Remetika 7 – Women of Rembetika 1908-1947”
  • “Bainne An Ghabhair Bháin” by Cáit Ní Mhuimhneachain from “An Joga Mór – Sean Nós Singing from Co. Cork”
  • “Le Brun Et Le Blond” by Édith Piaf from “Live in Lausanne – 1946 – 1947”
  • “Tango n.2 (No hay quien entre por mi puerto)” by La Niña de los Peines with Ramón Montoya from “Patrimonio de Andalucía”
  • “Aleik Salat Allah” by Asmahan from “Les Archives De La Musique Arabe – Volume 1”
  • “El Jilguerillo” by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán from “Their First Recordings 1937- 1947”
  • “Fue Mentira (Mentirossa)” by Lydia Mendoza from “Vida Mía”
  • “Algún Dia Lo Pagarás” by Laurita y Ray from “El nacimiento de la canción ranchera – 1936-1937”
  • “Corrido De JoaquÍn Murrieta – Part 1” by Pedro J. González & Los Madrugadores from “1931-1937”
  • “Syrtabay” by D. Dzhumabaev from “The Secret Museum of Mankind – Central Asia – Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48”
  • “Khayal” by Ustad Faiyaz Khan Sahib from “Golden Shadows”
  • “Pavan Chalat” by Ustad Faiyaz Khan Sahib from “Golden Shadows”
  • “Ye Shanghai” by Chow Hsuan from “Shanghai Lounge Divas”
  • “Moccasin Game Song: Crow Song” by Pablo and Frank Huerito from “Navajo Songs – recorded by Laura Boulton in 1933 and 1940”
  • “Le Blues de Neg’ Français” by Leo Soileau & Moise from “Cajun Capers – Cajun Music 1928-1954”
  • “(Mozart:) “Il mio tesoro (from Don Giovanni) by John McCormack from “The McCormack Edition, Vol. 6: The Acoustic Recordings (1915-1916)”
  • “Ukhar The Merchant (excerpt)” by Nadezhda Plevitskaya from “Estrada – Russian Gypsy Singers – Recordings from 1905-1931”

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