Gramophoney Baloney

N.A.A.M & A.A.M.A.M. – WEEK III, on Gramophoney Baloney

Monday, June 18

The National Accordion Awareness Month series continued with a third episode on this Father’s Day edition, with DJ McSchmormac administering another addling assortment of archaic accordion-laden audiographic amusements,  arising from 1904-1950




  • “El Cant dels Ocelles (The Song of the Birds)(excerpt)” by Pablo Casals & The Prades Festival Orchestra from “Song of the Birds – encores for cello”
  • “Sittin’ On The Bridge Below The Town” by Frank O’Donovan from  “Songs of Ireland – Digitally Remastered 1916-1950 Recordings”
  • “I Wish I Had The Shepherd’s Lamb” by Delia Murphy from “The Legendary Queen of Irish Folk Singers”
  • “Yiddisher Wulach” by Gregory Matusewitch from “Patchwork Europe – Early Recordings 1911-1954”
  • “Matelotte” by Gus Viseur & Son Orchèstre from “Café Parisien – Chansons, Accordeons, Croissants – 25 Original French Accordion Songs”
  • “Estan Tirando Bombas “ by Canario Y Su Grupo from “Lamento Borincano – Puerto Rican Lament – Early Puerto Rican Music: 1916-1939”
  • “Kapirigna” by Foneska, and Party from “The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. I Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48”
  • “Ashplant, The Merry Harriers, The Hut In The Bog [Reels]” by The Belhavel Trio from “Music and Dances of Old Ireland”
  • “Je Vieux Marrier (I Want To Marry)” by Leo Solieau & Moise Robin from “Aimer et Perdre – To Love & To Lose – Songs, 1917-1934
  • “In Padure La Ghergani” by Margarita Radulescu from “Squeeze Play – A World Accordion Anthology”
  • “A dança da moda” by Luiz Gonzaga from “De Bahía aux sertões 1939-1955 – Brésil: les chants de la mer et de la terre”
  • “Tarantella Teggianese” by A. D’Elia from “Squeeze Play – A World Accordion Anthology”
  • “Kalino” by Chernata Marga from “Outsinging The Nightingale – Lost Treasures of Bulgarian Music – 1905-1950”
  • “Apanhei-te cavaquinho” by Luiz Gonzaga from “Sabido”
  • “O Xamego da Guiomar” by Luiz Gonzaga from “Sabido”
  • “Oberbayrischer Gebirgsländler” by D’Weinschütz – 1. Münchner Instrumental-Terzett from “München – Volkssänger – Rare Shellacs 1902-1948”
  • “Leben ohne Liebe kannst du nicht” by Margo Lion & Mischa Spoliansky from “Die Linie der Mode”
  • “The Trip To The Cottage” by John J. Kimmel from “Early Recordings of Irish Traditional Dance Music”
  • “Un Refrain Courait Dans La Rue” by Édith Piaf from “Live in Lausanne – 1946 – 1947”
  • “Apitando Na Curva” by Luiz Gonzaga from “Sabido”
  • “Diabel W Niewoli (Devil In Jail)” by Wladyslaw Polak from “Polish Village Music”
  • “Buen Humor” by Grupo Dominicano from “The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. 3 Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48”
  • “What Will You Do, Love?” by Delia Murphy and Richard Hayward from “The Legendary Queen of Irish Folk Singers”
  • “Clog de William Durette” by Monmarquette & St. Jean from “Global Accordion – Early Recordings”
  • “Bei mir kannst du vor Anker gehn” by Kate Kühl from “Hoppla – Wir Leben!”
  • “The Rose In The Heather/ The Frost Is All Over (Jigs)” by Joe Magure’s Pride Of Erin Orchestra from “Past Masters Of Irish Dance Music”
  • “Dill Pickles Rag” by Guido Deiro from “Complete Recorded Works, Volume 1”
  • “Großgmoaner Polka” by Bauern-Quartett from “Oberösterreich-Salzburg – Volksmusik – Rare Schellacks 1910-1949”
  • “Wals Bandura” by Paul Humeniuk from “Ukrainian and Lemko String Bands In America”
  • “Ardealanca (The Girl From Ardeal )” by George Jivan from “Squeeze Play – A World Accordion Anthology”
  • “Tramla Polka” by Bruno Rudzinski from “Polish Village Music”
  • “Pawel Walc (Paul’s Waltz)(excerpt)” by Bruno Rudzinski from “Squeeze Play – A World Accordion Anthology”


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