Malderor & Dr Junk

Mully and Netzard

Sunday, June 17

Dr. Junk was out shopping for a car or something, so Malderor had his friend Mully come in to play some tunes and talk about all the rock & roll the kids listen to today. Then Cheap Hooch decided they had “overindulged” and couldn’t make their show, so we ran overtime by two hours. Then Netzard came in to play some tunes. A sprawling and chaotic show that is why you listen to pirate radio, right? Features brand new tracks from Japandroids, Guile, Hot Lunch, and many more, as well as a vintage interview with the Jesus & Mary Chain from back when they didn’t suck.





2:27pm: Interview by The Jesus and Mary Chain

2:31pm: All Things Must Pass by The Jesus and Mary Chain

2:31pm: Guile by Love Around Here

2:31pm: I Snub You by Iggy Pop

2:32pm: Unknown Track (Track 2 on Amorica) by The Black Crowes

2:33pm: Congo War by Lord Brynner and the Shieks

2:34pm: What Is Best In Life? by Conan

2:35pm: Celebration Rock by The Japandroids

2:36pm: Delirious by Eddie Spaghetti

2:38pm: Killer Smile by Hot Lunch

2:44pm: Straight To Hell by Hank III

2:47pm: Book of Dreams by Steve Morse

2:50pm: Fight The Youth by Fishbone

3:01pm: “I’m An Ignorant Asshole” by N.C. Pastor Charles Morley

3:01pm: Rapture by Killing Joke

3:03pm: Madness by The Transplants

3:06pm: Modern Kicks by The Exploding Hearts

3:14pm: Cold Metal by Iggy Pop

3:15pm: Crunchy by ZZ Top

3:18pm: Drink Deep by Rites Of Spring

3:24pm: I Believe In Anarchy by The Exploited

3:29pm: Hear It by Bad Religion

3:30pm: Punk Out by Suicide Machines

3:40pm: Rock Yuh Butt by E.U.

3:41pm: Laughing or Crying by Raging Slab

3:43pm: Black Jack Davey by Taj Mahal

3:52pm: Kung Fu Devil by A.F.I.

3:53pm: Everything Burns by Proudflesh

3:54pm: Paint It Black by The Avengers

4:04pm: 5 Minutes by The Stranglers

4:04pm: Ann by Redd Kross

4:06pm: Can I Sit Next To You, Girl? by AC/DC

4:13pm: Soul Burn by Meshuggah

 4:17pm: Cheat by The Clash

4:19pm: Square Nothing by In Flames

4:30pm: The Rocky Road To Dublin by Dropkick Murphys

4:30pm: A Medley of Errors by Dr. Junk

4:31pm: Shuffle Your Feet by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

4:33pm: All These Things by Black Market Karma

4:46pm: Do The Strand by Roxy Music

 4:46pm: I’ll Come Running by Brian Eno

4:50pm: Tenement Lady by T. Rex

4:55pm: Track 3 by Graveyard

4:58pm: Murder She Wrote (Crackers Mix) by Chaka Demus & Pliers

5:02pm: Shape The Sky by The Cult

5:09pm: Fuck Off by Grave Babies

5:11pm: Editorial by Total Chaos

5:11pm: JC Auto by Sugar

5:17pm: Run To The Hills by Bunny West

5:25pm: Drowse by Queen

5:29pm: Words by Doves

5:35pm: Starman by David Bowie

5:40pm: You Suffer by Napalm Death

5:40pm: Over The Waters by Bad Brains

5:44pm: Dangerous Sex by Tackhead

5:48pm: Heads Are Gonna Roll by Judas Priest

5:52pm: Paid by The Supersuckers

Also, something from the City of God soundtrack and “Carmelita” by Warren Zevon.  Come back next week for more freeform weirdness.


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