Malderor & Dr Junk

Gigi and Pop and Kenball

Sunday, August 12

Dr. Junk was “camping” or something, so Malderor was happy to host East Coast “retro-future-lounge-pop” band Gigi and Pop in the midst of their West Coast tour. Their shows at the Hemlock, Deluxe, El Rio, and Forbidden Island are all discussed, while Malderor plays new tracks from such acts as Jello Biafra, Dan Ross, and The Orb featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry.


2:15pm: ShockYouPy by Jello Biafra

2:15pm: Happy Birthday by Gigi & Pop

2:16pm: Beware the Company by Gigi & Pop

2:25pm: Liar by Gigi & Pop

2:26pm: Never Solo by Dan Ross

2:28pm: Throw The Brick by Less Than Jake

2:30pm: Career Opportunities (Live) by Dropkick Murphys

2:35pm: If You Were Here (Thompson Twins Cover) by Gigi & Pop

2:36pm: Trick Or Treat by Gigi & Pop

2:38pm: Tonight You Belong To Me by Gigi & Pop

2:45pm: I\’m Not An Animal by The Blind Shake

2:48pm: Freedom At 21 by Jack White

2:52pm: Hold Me Upsetter by The Orb Featuring Lee Scratch Perry

2:59pm: Porcupines Are Prickly by Gigi & Pop

3:02pm: Santa Go-Go by Gigi & Pop

3:05pm: Fireworks by Gigi & Pop

3:17pm: Shame On Me by Social Distortion

3:19pm: Vowel Movement by Ian MacKaye & The Evens

3:26pm: Both Feet On The Brake by Gigi & Pop

3:28pm: The Regulator (Bad Brains Cover) by Gigi & Pop

3:29pm: Summer Sun by Gigi & Pop

3:37pm: Metamorfose Ambulante by Raul Seixas

3:40pm: Ital Pot by Tapper Zukie

3:47pm: Easter\’s All About by Gigi & Pop

3:48pm: This Entropy by Gigi & Pop

4:02pm: Working Class Hero by Evil Conduct


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