Malderor & Dr Junk

DJ Bullwinkle Is Learning The Ropes

Sunday, January 27


Dr. Junk is out sick with the vapors or whatever, so Malderor is joined this week by KFJC alum DJ Bullwinkle. It’s an unusual show, musically, as Bullwinkle plays garage (and some prog) and Malderor plays Spanish Krautrock and French hip-hop. So it’s all-around pretty freeform. Friend-of-the-show Violet Crumble drops by, (and her little dog, too) to drink whiskey and play some psych rock.

2:03pm: We’re A Happy Family by The Ramones

2:03pm: How I Survived The Punk Wars (And You Can Too.) by Hey! Hello!

2:06pm: Psychotic Reaction by Count Five

2:13pm: Don’t Look Backwards by Excalibur

2:16pm: Change of Fate by St. Anthony’s Fyre

2:21pm: The Whip/Into The Fire by Suck

2:28pm: Lewy Lewy by Burnt Thrones Club

2:34pm: Vince Taylor by Adam Ant

2:34pm: Shakin’ All Over by Vince Taylor

2:41pm: Underground Lady by Kim Fowley

2:43pm: Blow My MInd by William Penn

2:46pm: Horror Asparagus Stories by Driving Stupid

2:50pm Tronarist by Sibot

2:56pm: Fel Del Av Garden by Movits

3:00pm: The Best Of Times by Sage Francis

3:06pm: Tits and Champagne by The Joneses

3:07pm: Bus Stop by Tearjerkers

3:12pm: Shock Appeal by Suicide Commandos

3:16pm: Mi Kolombia by Systema Solar (I first heard this on Beats and Pieces.)

3:20pm: Sobre Las Olas by Pegasvs (I first heard this on Radio Coyote.)

3:24pm: RIP by Ringo Deathstarr

3:32pm: It’s Trash by The Cave Men

3:34pm: It’s All Right Now by Ground Floor People

3:34pm: It’s Trash by The Cave Men

3:37pm: Green Fuzz by Green Fuzz

3:43pm: Robin Hood In Reverse by Bad Religions S.A.T. Word Of THe Week

3:44pm: Body And Soul by The Middle Class

3:46pm: I’m In Love With Your Mom by The Angry Samoans

3:52pm: Wildflowers by The Holy Mackerel


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