Malderor & Dr Junk

Proudflesh Take Over The Asylum!

Saturday, July 13


rideMalderor guest-hosts “The Metal Asylum” today and welcomes Sothira Pheng live in the studio. Sothira is bringing down an armload of punk and metal on vinyl. A member of the classic “peace-punk” band Crucifix, Sothira now plays in Proudflesh, a San Francisco-based “Hard Punk ‘n’ Roll” group. Proudflesh have a show coming up July 27th at Benders (19th & South Van Ness).

12:03pm: Aethetics of Hate by Machine Head
12:09pm: Red Tide Rising by Orage Goblion
12:12pm: The Voiceless Now Have A Voice by Exit Stance
12:14pm: Blood Sucker by The Old Firm Casuals
12:17pm: War Is Hell by Toxic Holocaust
12:20pm: Nothin’ But A Nosebleed by The Rotted
12:24pm: Silent Scream by SLAYER
12:27pm: Deadly Rhythym by Refused
12:30pm: No Gods, No Masters by Amebix
12:34pm: Proudflesh by Proudflesh
12:42pm: Take My Bones Away by Baroness
12:43pm: Entitled To Enlightenment by Zombie Holocaust
12:46pm: Religion KIlls by Crucifix
12:56pm: Walking Barefoot Over Broken Glass by Tank
1:00pm: Bad Reputation by Thin Lizzy
1:06pm: Hell Gate by Panzerbastard
1:07pm: Race To The Grave by Death March
1:08pm: Slaughter Of The Soul by At The Gates
1:15pm: Iron Horse (Live) by Motörhead
1:19pm: Electric Funeral by Black Sabbath
1:22pm: Track 1 (Demo) by Disaccord
1:28pm: Skull N’ Bones by Fuckshovel
1:31pm: Hype Overload by Discharge
1:34pm: High In The Clouds by Proudflesh
1:41pm: Echoes Of A Distant Battle by Tank
1:45pm: Thunder And Lightning by Thin Lizzy
1:51pm: Ride The Lightning by Metallica
1:59pm: And Not Fashion by Proudflesh
2:07pm: return to normal schedule.



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