Malderor & Dr Junk

Dr. Junk Appears To Be Making Some Kind Of Statement

Tuesday, December 3

Dr. Junk had some personal issues he was working out via the medium of radio.  So his half of the playlist could be seen as being somewhat, er, “pointed”.  Check it out.

2:04pm: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon

2:05pm: I Shall be Released by Joe Cocker

2:09pm: Movin’ Out by Billy Joel

2:15pm: City Rising From The Ashes (Live) by Deltron 3030

2:20pm: Dirty Boulevard by Lou Reed

2:28pm: Ghouls by Wooden Shjips

2:28pm: I Don’t Believe You by Magnetic Fields

2:31pm: Unbelievable by EMF

2:34pm: Pulling Teeth by Green Day

2:39pm: The Dream Of The 90’s by Portlandia

2:41pm: Bullet by The Misfits

2:43pm: Another No One by Suede

2:50pm: Open Ended Life by The Avett Brothers

2:54pm: Strange Days by We Are Augustines

2:57pm: Arrest Yourself by Hot Chip

3:03pm: Get Ready by Congo Natty

3:07pm: Enjoy The Silence by TheFamilyRain

3:11pm: I’m Not A Young Man Anymore by The Velvet Underground

3:15pm: Cold Turkey by John Lennon

3:19pm: Plath Heart by Braids

3:23pm: Tonight I Have to Leave by Shout Out Louds

3:30pm: Forbidden Beat by The Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:32pm: L.A. Girl by The Adolescents

3:34pm: Beating My Head by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

3:39pm: At Home He’s a Tourist by Gang of Four

3:42pm: The Opposite of Halleluja by Jens Lekman

3:46pm: Here’s Where the Story Ends by The Sundays

3:51pm: I Can’t Explain by David Bowie

3:53pm: Acquiesce by Oasis

3:58pm: I Don’t Really Love You Anymore by The Magnetic Fields


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