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Monday, January 6


Ami Lawless was on assignment, so Malderor covered for her normal metal/punk show, and took the opportunity to focus on some of the best metal releases from 2013, from the Bay Area and around the world, as well as a few old classics and a quick detour into d-beat. There is also a double-shot of Bolt Thrower as their Oakland Metro date got my vote for Metal Show Of The Year.  (Thanks to Cory from Illogical Contraption for some assistance with this playlist.)

6:00pm Cydonian Enigmas by Apochraphon

6:06pm: Pearl by Grayceon

6:16pm: The Wall by Vhöl

6:31pm: Through The Eye Of Terror by Bolt Thrower

6:31pm: At First Light by Bolt Thrower

6:36pm: Patricidal Lust by Vastum

6:42pm: Killer Smile by Hot Lunch

6:44pm: Mouths Of Madness by Orchid

6:51pm: Engravings by Lycus

7:03pm: Valkyrie by Darkthrone

7:07pm: The Dream Calls For Blood by Death Angel

7:11pm: Welcome To The Spaceship by Oozing Wound

7:16pm: D-Beat Demonstration by Brian Roe

7:17pm: All Systems Fail by Varukers

7:20pm: Condemned To Survive by Disterror

7:25pm: Wojna by Disable

7:29pm: Pierdes Du Tiempo by Acidez

7:33pm: New Orleans Is The New Vietnam by Eyehategod

7:36pm: Demonic Rock by Shitfucker

7:40pm: Silencer by All Pigs Must Die

7:45pm: Circle Of Tyrants (Live) by Celtic Frost

7:49pm: Hordes Of Zombies by Terrorizer

7:53pm: Prejudice by Crucifix

7:58pm: Entitled To Enlightenment by Zombie Holocaust


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