Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor Flies Solo

Sunday, January 26


There is apparently some kind of football match on the TV, and Dr. Junk is off looking for an apartment in Portland. So it was just Malderor all by his lonesome on the radio this afternoon. He plays the usual selection of brand new tracks, some local bands like Here Come The Saviours and Wymond Miles, and new imports from artists like Captain Jack’s Army. Plus a few tracks from NEW records by bands that were big in the 90s. ┬áCheck out the playlist below, or the podcast at the bottom:

2:01pm Shake The Dope Out by The Warlocks

2:06pm: Getting Close To by Vicious Delicious

2:11pm: Never (Utah Saints Blizzard Mix) by Electrafixion

2:18pm: Night Drives by Wymond Miles

2:20pm: Dance Hall Destructo by Here Come The Saviours

2:29pm: Dance, California (radio edit) by Wooden Shjips

2:30pm: Life in the Fields by Sporting Life

2:36pm: Shameless by Groove Armada featuring Bryan Ferry

2:40pm: 15th Street Ghetto Song by Monkey

2:44pm: Still In Love With You (Thin Lizzy cover) by Sade

2:50pm: Hole in the Sky by Black Sabbath

2:55pm: Til The End of the Day (Kinks cover) by Fuzz

2:58pm: Pearly Gates by The Men

3:06pm: She Used To Love Me A Lot by Johnny Cash

3:10: I Feel You (Depeche Mode cover) by Placebo

3:15pm: Cat and Mouse by Radkey

3:22pm: A Walk (Live) by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:25pm: One For All by Captain Jack’s Army

3:28pm: Judy Says (Knock You In The Head) by Vibrators

3:31pm: Seven Times by New Model Army

3:37pm: Honey From A Knife by The Cult

3:37pm: Rock On by The Supersuckers

3:44pm: Heavy Manners by Prince Far I

3:46pm: Pouring Rain by Fishbone

3:51pm: The Sunset by The Thermals

3:57pm: Drifting Deeper by Toy



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