Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor’s Pirates Press Special

Thursday, October 23


Local punk label Pirates Press is having it’s 10th(!) Anniversary, and to celebrate they are hosting a three-show festival on Potrero Hill.  The mighty Cock Sparrer are headlining, and Malderor showcased a ton of bands on the label.  Sadly, the top of the show was mired by some wiring issues in the studio, so the first six minutes have been trimmed off. But the music is top notch.


2:16pm: Coming Storm by Noi!se

2:16pm: Blood Sucker by Old Firm Casuals

2:17pm: Boomtown by Knucklehead

2:17pm: America’s Standard by Lower Class Brats

2:18pm: Punk Rock and Roll by Street Dogs

2:19pm: Minimum Wage by Marching Orders

2:24pm: Put Your Boots Back On by The Harrington Saints

2:26pm: No Good Reason by Argy Bargy

2:28pm: Been Drinkin’ Again by La Plebe

2:31pm: Liberty by The Interrupters

2:34pm: Maybe by Booze & Glory

2:37pm: Kingston by Lenny Lashey’s Gang Of One

2:40pm: I Got Your Number by The Swinging Utters

2:43pm: Forward To Fun by Druglords Of The Avenues

2:45pm: One Law For Them by 4 Skins

2:49pm: C.I.D. by The UK Subs

2:51pm: Don’t Make Me Go Home by Off With Their Heads

2:55pm: We Are The Wankers by Hard Skin

3:00pm: Riot Squad by Cock Sparrer from Live At The Great American Music Hall

3:02pm: Watch Your Back by Cock Sparrer from Live At The Great American Music Hall

3:06pm: Slogans On The Wall by The Harrington Saints

3:08pm: Something More Than This by Marching Orders

3:12pm: D.M.D.P. by The Old Firm Casuals

3:14pm: Never Say Die by The Old Firm Casuals

3:19pm: Honor Is All We Know by Tim Timebomb And Friends

3:25pm: Gotta Go by Agnostic Front

3:26pm: They Lie, You Die by Discharge

3:28pm: Trelawny’s Army by Young Offenders

3:32pm: No Money, No Problems by Scars and Stripes

3:35pm: Fight Back by Chosen Ones

3:37pm: Drink by Broken Heroes

3:44pm: No Justice by The Harrington Saints

3:46pm: Until The End by Booze & Glory

3:54pm: Astro Zombies by The Valkyrians

3:56pm: Attitude by The Misfits

4:01pm: Get A Rope by Cock Sparrer


Listen here:


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