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Malderor – Lots Of Female-Fronted Bands This Week

Monday, November 9

4724-rawMalderor actually had time to prepare this week, so we’ve got a fresh slate of new releases, as well as some new-to-him stuff and some bizarro covers. Kicking off with something by Lotus Thief, and moving on to newer releases from Savages, Merchandise, as well as tracks from Paul Anka and The Carpenters. (No, really.) Plus a bunch of female fronted shoezagey type stuff.  (Malderor was also training Manny, a new Radio Valencia DJ, so there are the occasional bumps and interruptions, as things are demonstrated live on the air.)  Check out this free-ranging playlist:

2:07pm: A Dark CLoud Lifted by Donovan Wolfington

2:08pm: Nymphaea Carulea by Lotus Thief

2:13pm: The Answer by Savages

2:22pm: Sunday Mourning by Night Beats

2:25pm: Hide by Nightworkers

2:29pm: What’s Your Story? by Mantras

2:35pm: Red Sun by Merchandise feat. Dum Dum Girls

2:39pm: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by Dum Dum Girls

2:43pm: Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft by The Carpenters

2:50pm: Diamante by Rare Replica

2:54pm: Forget My Name by Hyena

2:59pm: Show Me The Money by Lux Lisbon

3:05pm: God It by De La Soul feat. Nas

3:08pm: Took The Ghost To The Movies by Meredith Graves

3:13pm: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Paul Anka

3:18pm: Coming Down by Dum Dum Girls

3:27pm: Teenage Lust by Les Demoniaques

3:27pm: Lvx by Lotus Thief

3:41pm: Wanderin’ Star by Shane MacGowan and The Popes

3:45pm: Incarceration Casserole by Barrence Whitfield and The Savages

3:48pm: Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by Harry and Archie’s Marching Mariachi Band

3:57pm: Gangnam Style by The Cleverlys



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