Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – A Fat Wreck

Monday, May 30

puppersToday Malderor interviews director Shaun Colon about his new documentary on Fat Wreck Chords, called “A Fat Wreck,” which is playing as part of this year’s SF DocFest. We chat about his film, 90s punk rock, and we play a bunch of Fat Wreck’s pop-punk bands.

2:00pm: Haiile Sellassee, Up Your Ass by Propagandhi

2:07pm: Dumb Reminders by No Use For A Name

2:10pm: Nightcrawler by The Adolescents


3:04pm: The Postive Aspects of Negative Thinking by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:04pm: Potemkin City Limits by Propagandhi

3:06pm: Gusto by Guttermouth

3:10pm: Turncoat by Anti-Flag

3:10pm: Gainesveille Rock City by Less Than Jake

3:24pm: A Fat Wreck Trailer

3:26pm: You’ve Done Nothing by Face To Face

3:28pm: By My Side by The Interrupters

3:34pm: Vietnamese Baby by The New York Dolls

3:39pm: Trucker Speed by The M’s

3:42pm: R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) by AC/DC

3:49pm: Separation of Church and Skate by NoFX

3:51pm: Heaven Knows by Rise Against

3:56pm: Weight Of The World by Good Riddance

3:57pm: Back To The Motor League by Propagandhi

Give it a spin here:


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