Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Death Metal Disco

Friday, November 3

Malderor got home from DJing a “Death-Metal-Disco” party at 5am, and he’s feeling a little the worse for wear. He also has a big stack of underground disco he never got around to playing last night, so this show is heavy on the disco and funk. (And very light on Death Metal, to be honest.)

2:09pm: Raining Blood by Slayer

2:13pm: Don’t Leave Me This Way by Communards

2:15pm: Gainesville, Rock City by Less Than Jake

2:24pm: It’s Great To Be Here by The Jackson 5

2:31pm: If You Feel The Funk by Latoya Jackson

2:34pm: The Guardian Angel Is Watching Us by The Golden Flamingo Orchestra

2:41pm: Rocking Big Guitars by Vaughan Mason

2:48pm: Changin’ by Brass Construction

2:55pm: Big Enough by Amanaz

3:07pm: Doin’ Our Own Dang (Do It To The JBs Mix) by The Jungle Brothers

3:26pm: Heavy Vibes by Montana Sextet

3:26pm: Watch The Closing Doors (Dub Version) by IRT

3:34pm: Liftoff by Patrick Cowley

3:44pm: Be Thankful For What You Got (Some fucker from France mix, I forget who) by William DeVaughn

3:48pm: Gangsta Gansta by NWA

3:53pm: Be Thankful For What You Got by Yo La Tengo

3:55pm: Tall Cans In The Air by Transplants

3:58pm: Fuck You by Bad Religion

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.



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