Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Last Show At The Old Studio, With Dial-A-Shot!

Tuesday, January 2

Malderor has been preoccupied this week with our imminent station move, and as such didn’t spend any time preparing for this week’s radio show. So there’s like one set of new music, a couple tracks from The Green Door’s fresh-off-the-press new album, and the rest are random tracks from other old shows. But it was also the last show from our clubhouse/hangout spot on 20th and Mission, so there’s a tinge of nostalgia toward the end as well. Onward to better things! Oh, and DJ Dial-A-Shot was visiting as well!

2:07pm: Wolf In The Fold by The Green Door

2:08pm: Take It Or Leave It by Authority Zero

2:11pm: Sonotone by MC Solaar

2:27pm: Black Hoodie by Body Count

2:30pm: Antifa by Ministry

2:36pm: Guillotine by Death Grips

2:46pm: Guillotine by The Coup

2:47pm: I Got The… by Labi Siffre

2:55pm: Behind The Wall Of Sleep by The Smithereens

2:57pm: A Girl Like You by The Smithereens

3:02pm: Silver and White by Everyone Is Dirty

3:09pm: Tall Grass Is Tangled by The Green Door

3:15pm: Baby Baby by The Vibrators

3:19pm: Ugly Public by Evil Engine

3:26pm: Wild In The Streets by Garland Jeffries

3:28pm: Nobody Speak by Dj Shadow feat. Run With Jewels

3:33pm: A Fucking Xmas Miracle by Run With Jewels

3:38pm: Bleed Until You Die by Lincoln Durham

3:42pm: It’s A Fucking Disaster by Buckcherry

3:44pm: Pimps by The Coup

3:50pm: I Can’t Hold Myself In Line by The Supersuckers

3:53pm: Tom The Drum (Live) by Palma Violets

3:57pm: Entropy by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

4:02pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire



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