Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – A Focus On New Music

Wednesday, April 4

Malderor found a number of exciting new releases this week, but then Deathwish was still out with his skateboarding injury. So, given the lack of a chatty sidekick, Malderor played more music than normal, and we burned through the new releases fairly rapidly. Regardless it was a solid new music show, so check out the podcast!

2:05pm: Ska On My Radio by Soul Ska

2:10pm: Henchman by The Cameramen

2:13pm: What Did You Call It That For? by Arcwelder

2:19pm: Our Goal To Realize by Amusement Parks On Fire

2:22pm: Nantucket Sleighride by Mountain

2:30pm: Keep Your Nose To Grindstone by Tyler Childers

2:35pm: Last Dream by Swedish Death Candy

2:37pm: Vindictive by Frequency Within

2:42pm: Nine Miles Below by The Third Sound

2:49pm: Trainwrecker by Scott H. Biram

2:53pm: Another Camden Afternoon by The Stranglers

2:58pm: Never Gonna Die by Pennywise

3:07pm: Stand Up Tragedy by The Fratellis

3:11pm: Death To The Lads by The Smith Street Band

3:14pm: 1000 Dreams by Dead Meadow

3:19pm: Undead by The Undead

3:25pm: Deathwish by Deathwish

3:29pm: Vengeance by New Model Army

3:32pm: Already Yours by Curve

3:40pm: Dark Love by New Candys

3:43pm: This Old Dog by Mac DeMarco

3:46pm: Not Fragile by Acid King

3:53pm: Party, Party, Party by Midnight Evils

3:55pm: Ride To Live by Zeke

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire




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