Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – New Music and MikO Tolliver

Tuesday, February 12

This week’s show featured a ton of local music, mostly from the punk, metal, and harder end of the spectrum, plus a studio visit from electro-indie artist MikO Tolliver! We also had new releases from The Spiral Electric​, 1968, War Bison​, and Older Sun​. Plus a brand new protest song from The Specials (Official)​! Check out the podcast or stream!

2:03pm: Black Sheets Of Rain by Bob Mould

2:11pm: On & On by Film School

2:16pm: Purr (Taste It Then Repeat) by MikO Tolliver

2:30pm: Staring Down The Barrel by The Spiral Electric

2:32pm: The Only One by The Seeing Eye Gods (feat. Brett Gurewitz)

2:35pm: Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy by 24/7 Spyz

2:43pm: False Gods by War Bison

2:46pm: Pocket Full Of Ones by Older Sun

2:51pm: 200 Deer, One Rabbit by Alvie and The Breakfast Pigs

3:00pm: Everything I Do Is So Amazing by MikO Tolliver

3:03pm: Give Up by Les Butcherettes

3:08pm: 10 Commandments by The Specials feat. Saffiyah Khan

3:15pm: Lonely For The Night by The Beach Rats

3:18pm: Rules, Hearts by Daredevils

3:20pm: Kings by Charger

3:29pm: Get Out Of Our Way by The Old Firm Casuals

3:31pm: New Day by Disastroid

3:34pm: World Stands Still by Puppy

3:41pm: Rock and Roll by Edan feat Dagha

3:43pm: Heaters & Fans by MikO Tolliver

3:47pm: Bar Staff by Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls

3:51pm: My Shit’s Fucked Up by Warren Zevon

3:54pm: Sorrow by Mad Caddies

3:37pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire


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