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Malderor – Gathering Of The Tribes Warm-Up Show

Malderor is excited for this year’s edition of The Gathering Of The Tribes, a showcase of all the best of the local psychedelic rock scene here in the Bay Area, coming up two weeks from now, on Sunday, Oct. 22nd. He and Deathwish are joined by Dennis, the promoter for the event, and Mike, who sings and plays guitar in one of the bands, The Green Door. All the music this week is from Gathering bands, and we have a WORLD PREMIER from The Green Door! Check it out:


2:07pm: Black Cat by The Down Dirty Shake

2:08pm: David Crosby by Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah

2:12pm: Death Trippers Anonymous by Impuritan Glow

2:24pm: Grow by Loco Tranquilo

2:30pm: All Our Yesterdays by Joshua Cook and the Key Of Now

2:35pm: Wild China Tree by Tara Beier

2:47pm: Death Valley by The Green Door

2:53pm: Invictus by The Golden Hexagrams

2:57pm: Loose Ends by The Spiral Electric

3:09pm: You Won’t Hear That Anymore by The Green Door

3:14pm: The Fever by Maya and the Revolutionary Hell Yeah!

3:15pm: Time Had Broken by Silent Pictures

3:25pm: Back Of Your Mind by Asteroid No. 4

3:29pm: Ghost In The Machine (Live At The Gathering Of The Tribes 2015) by The Spiral Electric

3:35pm: The Tip by California Raga Association

3:44pm: Buffalo Son by The Green Door

3:52pm: Live Set (Live From Gathering Of The Tribes 2015) by Carlton Melton

4:01pm: return to normal schedule.



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