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REISSUE LP’s | Razorcake TOP 5 | Playlist | August 12, 2014

Thursday, August 14

I really like reissue LP’s. Reissues to me brings back a certain record that was part of a generation that either embraced it or was lost during that era. Reissues also brings back that band/sound to the newer generation so they can appreciate what was happening at that time. I just picked up a few reissue LP’s just this week because (1.) I was not around in the early 70s and (2.) the albums were only CD’s. I remember when CD’s were at its highest popularity that major labels did not press most bands on wax. We all know that the last 7-10 years, vinyl sales are at its highest and reissues as well. When I’m digging through the new LP sections I see so many reissues from bands I recognize and some I don’t. The bands I don’t know, I go online and hear them (thank you Bandcamp & Youtube) and most of the time I’ll but their reissue LP.

As of late I’ve been into the band, Coloured Balls from Australia. These guys were the best RNR band of their time back in the early 70s, but 95% of the U.S. didn’t hear them because imports were limited because of limited distribution and imagine the cost of it too. That’s also another reason why didn’t have those records nor hear them on the radio. Now, dedicated reissue record labels are bringing us music that was lost to the masses and can hold them now and play them on out record player at home. Now I have both Coloured Balls reissue LP’s as well as Clutch’s ‘Jam Room’ LP and my friends at Valley King Records here in San Francisco just reissued both Dale Crover’s side-project, Altamont’s early records. I’m looking forward to more reissues to come, but in the meantime I will always be buying new records as well. Viva Reissues!


I think I haven’t mentioned this in a while, but I have contributed a TOP 5 in Razorcake ‘Zine for the last 7 years or so. If you don’t know Razorcake, it’s a DIY Punk zine that was started by Todd Taylor (old editor of Flipside) back in 2000 (or after Flipside ended its long publication). For more information or you would like to donate to Razorcake, click on the link provided.         Here’s my TOP 5 in the latest issue of Razorcake. Enjoy!

TOP5Thanks for listening and your support everybody. If you missed the show, you can download or stream it down below. Also, click on my social networks and add me to yours. We’ll have lots of fun. HA! Have a great weekend and stay straight. Yeah right. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
YOB | In Our Blood | Clearing The Path To Ascend
Rabbits | Pack Up Your Shit | Untoward
I am become Death | Jumping Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane | I am become Death
Ghetto Ghouls | Plastic Violence 7″
Punch | Worth More Than Your Opinion | The Don’t Have To Believe
Obliterations | The One That Got Away | Poison Everything
The Phuss | On the Prowl | On the Prowl
Godhunter | Pursuit-Predator | GH/OST:S
Hang The Bastard | Sex In The Seventh Circle | Sex In the Seventh Circle
Sorxe | Steamroller | Surrounded By Shadows
BlackWolfGoat | Notausgang | Drone Maintenance
Crucifyre | Baphomet’s Revenge | Black Magic Fire
Columns | Mudfucker | Please Explode
Nachtmystium | Intrusion | The World We Left Behind
HOD | Death Whores | Book Of The Worm
John Garcia | 5000 Miles | John Garcia
Beige Eagle Boys | Not My Fault | You’re Gonna Get Yours
Pord | What Are Tuesdays For? | Wild
Acid Baby Jesus | Brain Damage | Vegetable EP
Cross Examination | Ritual Snackrifice | Dawn Of The Dude
Davidians | BummerTent | Davidians
Entombed A.D. | Pandemic Rage | Back To The Front
No Problem | Deprogram Me | We’re Already Dead
Downset | Tu Corazon | One Blood
Pregnancy Scares | Graveyard | Mind Control EP
Goatwhore | Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed | Constricting Rage Of The Merciless
Animal Lover | Neighbors | Guilt
Secret Cutter | Craving the Silence | Secret Cutter
Disasteratti | The Exodus Inward | Cerebral Hack Artist
Ultramantis Black | Sentience UltraMantis Black
Madball | True School (f/ Scott Vogel of Terror) | Hardcore Lives
Heavy Hand | Secret of these Wedges | Northwoods Knives
Arnocorps | Collateral Damage | The Greatest Band Of All Time
Corrosion of Conformity | Who You Need to Blame | IX
Mastodon | High Road | Once More ‘Round The Sun
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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