Naked Rob


Friday, September 19

Sorry that my radio update is coming out late, but I totally been focused this week on being thee first one to get the new iPhone 6 Plus. It took a lot of shoving, pushing, cursing and crowd surfing, but I did it. I can’t wait to get all my apps, music and contacts in place. The only thing is finding some huge pants to fit it into. Oh well, It was worth the wait. Have a good weekend and hit me up on Fitness Tracker. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC



(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
The Asteroid No. 4 | Revolution Prevail | The Asteroid No. 4
Atriarch | Collapse | An Unending Pathway
Torch Runner | Attrition | Endless Nothing
Danny and The Darleans | Don’t Get In the Car | S/T
Beastmilk | The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls | White Stains on Black Wax
Not Afraid | Locked Out |  Locked Out
Ides Of Gemini | Black Door | Old World New Wave
Sick/Tired | Dried Up Corpse | Dissolution
My Brother The Wind | Song Of Innocence part 2 | Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One
Homewrecker | Born To Suffer | Circle Of Death
Silver Screams | Infinite Mirror | Creep Joint Scratch
Crucified | Dead of Sleep | Dead Of Sleep
Hammerhead | Global Depression V2 | Global Depression
HOD | Den Of Wolves | Book Of The Worm
Sick Of It All | Sound The Alarm | The Last Act Of Defiance
Piss Vortex | Of Bodily Waste and Desire | Piss Vortex
Fistula | Harmful Situation | Vermin Prolificus
Cannibal Corpse | Headlong into Carnage | A Skeletal Domain
Iron Reagan | I Won’t Go | The Tyranny of Will
The Phuss | Burn Notice | On the Prowl
Elephant Tree | Attack Of The Altaica | Theia
Lo-Pan | N.P.D. | Colossus
Gust | Reality Chokes | Gust
Cross Examination | The Dawn of the Dude | Dawn Of The Dude
Cowards | Fork Out | Hoarder EP
Iron Youth | Disconnect | Iron Youth 7″
The Haunted | Trend Killer | Exit Wounds
Auslander | Brats and Beer | Auslander
Columns | Vicarious Living | Please Explode
Methmouth  | Spew/Slander | Tragic Film Split
Rabbits | An Odd Coloration | Untoward
Dictated | Stonebreakers Rising | The Deceived
Die Choking | Tonsil | II
Sterilized | Chemical Dust | Chemical Dust 7″
Krullur | Designed For Failure | Grounds For Termination
I am become Death | Stag | I am become Death
Society Sucker | Burdened | Society Sucker
The Flex | Bloodsucker | Wild Stabs In The Dark
John Garcia | All These Walls | John Garcia
Electric Funeral | You’re Next | Total Funeral

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