Naked Rob


Thursday, August 11


Summertime is almost over. I know, you haven’t camped enough. You haven’t been down to the river enough or even drank yourself to pee in your undies as of yet. You still got time. I’ve been camping a couple of times already. Even hiked and biked too. I got one last trip coming up to Olympic National Park in Washington State in 2 weeks. Oh yeah, big trip for my lady & I and that will end our summer fun. I do though have to squeeze in peeing in my shorts between then. HA! Keep on having summer fun and please remember, be sure to place chlorine into your swimming pool. Cheers!

TOP 5Here’s my new TOP 5 for Razorcake Magazine #93. If you want new music to hear and impress your friends out by the pool or at the beach, check out the bands on my TOP 5 when you can. Also, make sure to check out Razorcake as well. Remember, Razorcake is a non-profit Punk Rock zine and they’re always looking for good people to participate. Check them out


Thanks everybody for your time and support. Please keep sending me those bands and spread the word to your friends,  your friends band, record label pals or even a promotional company. Our radio station is 24/7 and open format as well. Have a good rest of your summer and be cool. Cheers! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA



(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Geezer | One Leg Up | single
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete | La Distincion | Balance
Multicult | Fast Leaking Energy | Position Remote
TV Crime | Hooligans | Hooligans
Gatekeeper | Craving Flesh | Sonoran Depravation
Cold Meat | Au Naturel | Jimmy’s Lipstick
Halshug | Udskud | Sort Sind
Socialite | Feel The Pain All the Same | Inner Circle
Trap Them | Hellionares | Crown Feral
Void King | Brandy Knew | There is Nothing
Arterial Atrophy | Validated Opinions Of The Furthest Removed | Into The Atrophy
Truckfighters | The 1 | V
Human Compost | Urethral Maggot Infestation | From The Grave They Crawl
Them Bulls | Too Much Hot | Them Bulls
The Dillinger Escape Plan | Limerent Death | Limerent Death (single)
Talky Tina | First To Know | Gang Of Thieves
Robots and Monsters | No One Ever Does | Nothing To Fear Nothing To Fight
The Devils | Coitus Interruptus (From A Priest) | Sin, You Sinners
X-Method | Woke | Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music
Bloodshot Bill & Shannon Shaw | True | Honey Time
Ringworm | Fear The Silence | Snake Church
Faking | You Got Bored | Goddamn Cowards
Howling Giant | Exodus- Earth | Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1
Ghoul | Dungeon Bastards | Dungeon Bastards
Friend Or Foe | True | Foe EP
Earthship | In the Arms of Medusa | Hollowed
Valient Thorr | The Shroud | Old Salt
TMHM | Thread Count | Stage Names
Cult Values | Fire and Flood | Cult Values
Big Business | Own Throats | Command Your Weather
Fistula | Detox | Longing For Infection
Castle | Welcome to the Graveyard | Welcome To The Graveyard
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

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