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Wednesday, September 28


I want to thank Keith Morris again for a kick ass interview and to Da Capo Press for the hook up with the interview too. Please go out and buy his book. Also, thank you for listening and for your support as always. Check out my podcast of the interview with Keith if you missed it. Have a good week. CHEERS!
~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


***Intro dedicated to the 30th anniversary death of Metallica’s, Cliff Burton. RIP
(intro) Metallica | Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth ) | Kell ‘Em All
Brant Bjork | Humble Pie | Tao Of The Devil
Superjoint | Sociopathic Herd Delusion | Caught Up In the Gears of Applications
Violent Minds | The Death Toll | Eyes of Death
Gatekeeper | Rotting As One | Sonoran Depravation
Jade Helm | Human Condition | Jade Helm
Morkobot | Ogrog | GoRgo
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez | Truth Blinds Us | Cell Phone Bikini
Duchess Says | Inertia Part II | Sciences Nouvelles
Colombian Necktie | Burn The Bridge | All Paths Lead To Nowhere
Neurosis | A Shadow Memory | Fires Within Fires
Asphyx | Candiru | Incoming Death
Brain Tentacles | Gassed | Brain Tentacles
Unendlich | I Despair | Scales Of Existence
Keith Morris of OFF!, Black Flag & The Circle Jerks and his new book, MY DAMAGE
Stick Men With Ray Guns | 1000 Lives | 1000 Lives To Die (’87 Live in Dallas, TX)
Dethbeds | Night Ripper | Dungeon Scum
Low Culture | Head In A Blender | Places To Hide
Multicult | Coxcomb | Position Remote
HORNSS | In Fields Of Lyme | Telepath
MUSK | Crazy Love | Musk 2 : The Second Skumming
Halshug | Indre Frængsel | Sort Sind

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