Naked Rob

#704 | GO CAVS! | TERRIBLE TUESDAY | MAY 30, 2017

Wednesday, May 31

Thanks everybody for listening to my radio show. If you missed it, don’t worry. Just click on the play button right below and you’re in business.┬áSince the NBA Finals is about to start, here’s the late great, Wilt Chamberlain doing his weekly college radio show called, “Flip’er With Dipper” on KUOK at the University of Kansas (1956-1958). GO CAVS! CHEERS! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Cursus | Waters of Wrath | Cursus
Xylitol | Goblin Gallop | Is Toxic To Pigs?
Phantom Head | It Can’t be Stopped | Psychic Dictators
Primal Rite | Sensory Link To Pain | Sensory Link To Pain
HVAC | Intro | Mentality Demo
Tau Cross | Deep State | Pillar Of Fire
Exit Order | Dead Ringer | Seed of Hysteria LP
Piss Test | Why Are You Outside? | Piss Test LP
Leisure World | Paper Thin Community | Paper-Thin Community 7″
Wolves Attack!! | The Pizza Incident | Piss On Everything
Feederz | Stealing | WWHD: What Would Hitler Do? 7″
Thoughts Of Lonesco | The Alt Light | Skar Cymbals
Cavity | Set In Cinders | Supercollider LP (reissue)
USA Nails | What Is The Price? | Shame Spiral
The Father Figures | Medicine Ball | Heavy Lifting
Golden Pelicans | Smell The Lightning | Disciples of Blood
Cock Sparrer | Gonna Be Alright | Forever
Wormwitch | Relentless Death | Strike Mortal Soil
USA/MEXICO | Dumber Rock Riff | Laredo
Organ Dealer | An Ending | Split Album
Yagow | Snake Charmer | S/T
Control Freaks | Karma | Mindless Entertainment
The Cavemen | Killing Myself To Live | Death Row
Norska | Samhain | Too Many Winters
Foreseen | Downward Spiral | Grave Danger
Beastmaker | Now Howls The Beast | Inside The Skull
Birdflesh (Official) | The Lawn Mover | Split Album
Meatwound | Jungle Heart | Largo
Obnox | State To State | Niggative Approach
Macho Boys | Dark Place | Macho Boys
Ides Of Gemini | Swan Diver | Women
Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind | No Fool | Super Natural
(outro) Melvins Hag Me | Houdini

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