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Wednesday, February 6

Thanks for listening everybody to my radio show on Radio Valencia and thanks to SubliminalSF for letting me give away a pair tix to the BBQ Show – War Bison • Birth Defects • Older Sun • HighWinds this Sunday, Feb 10th, 2-7PM at Bottom of the Hill. 21+ and cheap beer. Also, this Saturday at Bender’s Bar and Grill is the 10th Anniversary show for Pins of Light. SEE YOU THERE!!

 If you missed the radio show yesterday, no problem. Click the player down below or go to my PODCAST page at #768 PODCAST | FEBRUARY 5, 2019 to stream or download my past shows. Thanks for listening and for your support. CHEERS! DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


band track album label
(intro) Revolting Cocks Get Down Beers, Steers & Qveers | Wax Trax!
tunic Dry Heave Complexion Self Sabotage Records
Horndal Wasteland Remains Prosthetic Records

Suzi Quatro No Soul-No Control No Control SPV/Steamhammer

Maneaters of Tsavo Wicked Trials The Anti-Hour
Video Filth Hypnosis Hypnosis Dark Raids Records
Lower Slaughter The Measure Of A Man Some Things Take Work Box Records

Judiciary Temple Surface Noise Closed Casket Activities

War Bison Done Acre BBQ Show – War Bison • Birth Defects • Older Sun • HighWinds, 2/10 @Bottom Of The Hill, SF 3PM
Sofy Major Giant Crush Crash Total Dump Corpse Flower Records

Insanity Alert Thirstkiller 666-Pack Season Of Mist

Pins Of Light Sister Home 10th Anniversary Show @Benders SF 2/09/2019
Charger Kings Charger 10th Anniversary Show @Benders SF 2/09/2019 My Diligence Hunt The Hunter Sun Rose Mottow Soundz

Musket Hawk Hexagon Upside of Sick Unholy Anarchy Records

The Old Firm Casuals Motherland Holger Danske Pirates Press Records
Romasa Pleasure is my god Cheering Death Self-Release
The Cavemen Lowlife Lowlife EP Slovenly Recordings

Buzzcocks Fast Cars Another Music In A Different Kitchen (reissue) Domino

Asthma Castle Mount Crushmore Mount Crushmore Hellmistress Records
The Anomalys Trooper Trooper EP Slovenly Recordings
Ossuarium Blaze of Bodies Living Tomb 20 Buck Spin

Powersolo Backstab Transfixing Motherfucker EP Slovenly Recordings

The Accused AD Juego Terminado The Ghoul in The Mirror Dread Records
Priors Call for You Call for You EP Slovenly Recordings

Big Business Let Them Grind The Beast You Are Joyful Noise

The Raws Yedi Kuru Dal Duvara Dur Diyen Demir Yumruk EP Slovenly Recordings
Section H8 Melting Plot Phase One Flatspot Records
Deathchant Hex Deathchant King Volume Records
Los Huaycos Deforestation Savage Monstrosities Tankcrimes
School Drugs Side FX Relative Suffering Self-Released
Ils It’s Not Lard But It’s A Cyst Pain Don’t Hurt P.O.G.O. Records

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